SSIW Not Working- Please Help

The SSIW app doesn’t seem to be working on IOS 7. Every time it is opened it seems to crash and now is completely broken. I don’t want to seem rude but I would like this issue addressed as SSIW has really helped me improve my work in both my welsh lessons and when talking to friends and family.It’s a great app and deserves more popularity.
Diolch yn Fawr

P.S Tai i bobl leol on youtube- my uncle is dressed as a house :slight_smile:

S’mae daniel,

I know that Aran is aware of the issues people are experiencing with the app, but please remember that it was kindly developed by an SSIW volunteer. Fixing any problems with it depend entirely on the availability and goodwill of the original developer, and so may take some time. In the meantime, you can download the lesson and practice mp3 files directly to your iOS device to enjoy your daily dose of Welsh goodness :slight_smile:



And what an excellent house he was!..:smile:

This is right up at the top of our list at the moment, and if we can fix it, we will. If not, we may have to do a rebuild, in which case it may well be a few months before we have an app again - but downloading the lessons and then transferring them to your mobile device will do the trick - if you have any problems with that, just come and ask for help on here…:smile:

Diolch :slight_smile:

Just an update-sorry for resurrecting an old thread :worried:. The app is working great now, diolch.

That’s great - thank you very much for letting us know, Daniel :star:

Have you used your Welsh with your uncle yet? :smile: