SSIW Lodger?

Helo i bawb,

I am moving to the Barry area to work for a few months and was wondering if a fellow Welsh learner was interested in taking a lodger.
I am at the learning stage where I think I would qualify to attend a bootcamp and thought it would be interesting to Lodge with a complete stranger and only speak welsh to him/her.
It would be very challenging for me and hopefully would be a great benefit to both parties.

I worked in Barry (Dow Corning) last year and lodged in Lavernock Point for around 8 months. This year I am coming back on January 15th and expect to be there between 4 and 12 months.
I do have accommodation to go to and will only be interested in changing my plans for the chance to improve my welsh.

Most weekends I will be travelling home so will only be staying for around 4-5 nights for most weeks but will have to stay some weekends too.

I will pay £100 per week for suitable lodgings which I think is a fair price.
Wifi is a must and bills would be included in the price.

I would be happy to consider Sully, Penarth and Barry and surrounding area.

Please message me with any suggestions.

No worries if suitable accommodation is not available it’s just a thought and i will be joining local welsh groups to practice with too.



Can’t help you here personally, but what a superb idea…good luck.


Diolch Baruch, It is worth a try for sure.


If anything comes of it @Macky, I’m sure that many of us would like to hear after a while how it goes, as it’s an interesting approach. Pob lwc eto!


Hi Phil

Tempting! We live in Dinas Powys. Will PM you


Hi Jules,

Dinas Powys would be great.
Have a think and chat then PM and we will take it from there and see if we could maybe make it work.