SSiW in Crickhowell

Dwi wedi bod yn dysgu am biti mis. I am also learning alone. Anyone in or near Crickhowell in a similar position and want to team up for ymarfer?

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HI Stephen, Just seen this. I live a few miles north of Brecon and would be interested to chat. I have been doing SSiW for a few weeks, and I am on level on. In the past I did some Dysgu Cymraeg. September is an unusually busy month for me, but perhaps I could put a reminder to get in touch in early October?

Hi Colin. Sounds great. I’m also busy in September so October is good for me too.
Like you I’m on level 1, currently challenge 7. I’m enjoying it but find it hard to respond to Aran and Cat in time. I also find I need to complete each challenge 3 or 4 times before moving on. I do think that chatting would be really helpful. I look forward to catching up in October.
Regards S

Hi, I live just outside Crickhowell. I did level 1 and 2 with SSiW a couple of years ago and recently Sylfaen level with Coleg Gwent. I’m always looking for a chance to ymarfer locally, so definitely interested if you want to get in touch. Nicola

Hello Stephen,
I live in Tredegar, so not very far away and I’m willing to join you for discussions. Are you thinking of a day or an evening meeting? If you’re available, there’s a Welsh chat group meeting in the LAC in Ebbw Vale tomorrow morning at 10.30. Let me know what you arrange and I’ll try to attend.

Thank you for responding Nichola. Sadly I think that you will be far too advanced in your learning for me. I have never attempted to learn Welsh in the past and am only on Level 1 Challenge 7. I am a member of the Dowlais Male Choir and have started learning to help me get a grasp of the lyrics we sing. I am still some way off understanding the lyrics and would be of little use to you as a partner in conversation. I do however hope to improve and perhaps then we could set up a local group of Welsh conversationalists based in Crickhowell.
Thanks again. S

Hi Michael. Thank you for responding. I have only in the last couple of months started to learn Welsh, never having attempted it in the past. I am currently on Level 1 Challenge 7.
I am a member of the Dowlais Male Choir and have started learning to help me get a grasp of Welsh song lyrics and am still some way off understanding them. I don’t know how much use I would be as a partner in conversation so perhaps we could meet or call each other to make a start. As a newbie to SSiW I don’t know how to set up a one to one contact - do you? If so we could exchange contact numbers, I think this type of messaging is public.

Shame. I was just working down In Crug Hywel (Hywel’s mound)/ Crickhowell… beautiful area. Pob lwc

Yes, these posts are public. To connect 1-to-1, you can send a private direct message. To do that, click on the name of the person you want to contact and a box will pop up with a blue ‘Message’ button. Click on that and it will take you to where you can write your private message.
For replies, keep an eye on your avatar in the top right hand corner of the forum - if there is a private message waiting for you, there will be a little green dot next to your avatar. To retrieve the message, click on your avatar and choose the envelope icon - you’ll be able to see all your direct messages from there.

On a different point, don’t worry about chatting to someone more advanced than you because that can severely limit your chat opportunities and any chat at any level is good for all concerned, and the sooner you start chatting the easier it gets - this is all about confidence, not vocabulary! Also, remember they’ve been exactly where you are, so they’ll understand if you’re nervous. :slight_smile: