SSiW Gold Membership

For a while now we’ve been offering a Gold Member version of our usual subscription - paying £35 a month instead of the normal £10 - but we haven’t advertised it a lot so many of you may not be aware of it, and it might be something you’d like to consider.

With the Gold Membership, you get a Sprint Day once a month. This is an opportunity to push on through the Challenges in an intensive manner, with tutors available online and some group practice sessions in the afternoon. It’s similar to the way we run each day when we used to hold Intensive Weeks, back in the pre-Covid days, but gives you a chance to use the method yourself at home.

You also get a free standard (Silver) membership for a family member or friend, so if you know someone else who wants to learn, you can gift that to them.

Then there are other little bonuses, like a T-shirt of your choice from the SSiW Zazzle website, a membership badge, and the chance to attend special social events held online through Zoom.

If you currently have a £10 a month membership and you’d like to upgrade to the Gold one, just send an email through to and we’ll get that organised for you.


This sound fantastic!

Living in Vancouver, I am envious of everyone on your timezone, because I imagine this would involve getting up at 2 am here to join in—a little early even for me. Is that right? However, if ever there is something like this that would be suitable for those of us 8 hours behind Wales, or whatever it works out for others elsewhere in the world, it would be amazing.

In the meantime, my very wishes to those who will set the new ‘gold standard’!


We’ve had a couple of people join in from the US, and there is a way to do it. The morning of the Sprint Day consists of individual work - tutors available on Zoom if needed, but basically pushing on for an hour at a time through Challenges one after the other. No repetition, and just a 10 minute break after each hour.

If someone in North America is willing to do that by themselves the day before, then when they wake up they can join the afternoon sessions where there is more group work and take part in that.

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What an excellent idea and arrangement Deborah.

Thank you for explaining how it could work for those of us on different time zones.

I am currently romping through the last few lessons of Level 3 (again)—not at the Sprint pace, but at several lessons a week, and certainly feel I could benefit from a tutor from time to time. However, I would definitely endorse the Sprint approach for others who still have many more lessons to cover.

Thank you again,

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