Ssiw Features in article on increase in Welsh Learners during lockdown

I don’t know if you’ve seen it but Ssiw gets a significant mention, in an article about the huge uplift in people learning Welsh by various methods during lock down, in a piece which is on the Cymru Fyw site today.

It covers a range of ‘alternative’ learning methods - including Duo Lingo, online courses and SSIW.

It mentions Carol V, talks with a user of SSIW influenced by Iaith ar Daith and has a quote from Aran. It mentions an almost 3-fold increase of learners via SSIW - fantastic !

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Just read that too. Lock down is the perfect time to set out on the road to learning a new language.
One of the very few benefits!


There is an English version available this morning:

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I love this! I am one of those who have taken the plunge during lockdown. I’ve been wanting to learn for years but life got in the way. I’ve now discovered a whole new welsh ‘life’ and I love every new sentence added to my growing repertoire! (Spell check wanted to change that to ‘growling!’) :joy:


Have been near to tears a few times…but am still here! I like the imposed discipline of doing this in lock down too.
This and my yoga/pilates - why that’s two hours gone!

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Cheers, that’s where I read it.

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Dwi yn un or bobl sydd wedi dod yn ol i’r iaith yn y cyfnod strange yma. Dwi’n deall llawer, ond dwi wedi anghofio sut i siarad - dwi heb siarad am fwy na 30 mlynedd - a dwi wedi colli confidence. Wnes i fwynhau’r programme Iaith ar Daith hefo Ruth Jones. Dwi’n meddwl fod fy nghymraeg i yn debyg iw gymraeg hi.

Yn yr lock down yma, dwi wedi bod yn mwynhau gwrando ar hen ragleni radio BBC Gwarchod y Gwyllt, hefo Iolo Williams - ar line - yn cerdded ar draws mynyddoedd yng nghymru yn y glaw ac yn gwneud running commentary ar beth mae o’n gweld a clywed. Mae nhw’n fendigedig. Mae tua 8 episode ar gael online.

Well, croeso @nerys-owen-1,

…,it is great that so many people are using the time or finding it, to learn and go back to yr hen iaith!

You’ve certainly rattled off the Welsh in the post very nicely - I thought Ruth Jones’ Welsh was clearly very strong underlyingly - so you are in a great position if yours is similar - the confidence will come flooding back I’m sure - it will all still be there somewhere!

I saw a couple of Iolo programmes on BBC 2 very recently about the Brecon Beacons - he’s doing well for himself Iolo.

Pob lwc gyda’r Ssiw - good luck with SSIW and let us know how you are getting on

Rich :slight_smile:

(ps. Please can you add a translation in English if you put Welsh on the forum so that all the learners can benefit :wink: - eg check out their understanding of your Welsh, or at worst, not miss out on what you are saying by reading the English! :smile: )

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OK I will!

But I didn’t rattle it off - it actually took me ages - first welsh I have typed in ages!!

What I was saying was that old recordings of Gwarchod y Gwyllt on radio cymru are really good - there are about eight of them. They are quite hard to follow but if you listen over and over they are great for picking up the accent and wonderful to hear the sound of the grass swishing, squelching boots, rain etc almost like going outside but not quite.

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I see!..but it’s still there isn’t it! :wink:

Yes, I meant to mention I will try and find them and have a listen!

Rich :slight_smile: