SSIW Challenges: My Frustration

I know, I know, whatever you do, don’t worry about making mistakes or forgetting the Welsh words!

Easier said than done. Ive tried to move on from challenge 1, to 2 and now 3 has popped up in my inbox. Yet, I can’t move on from challenge 1 as I’m forgetting words.

Is this me or has anyone else got OCD and cant move on :wink:


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Try to consider each Challenge as your FIRST introduction to some new Welsh words, and your FIRST opportunity to start practising them, but NOT as the time when you’ll remember them. That will come later on after you’ve had more time to practise them as they will come back repeatedly in the Challenges that follow.
It’s a bit like going for a driving lesson - you’re shown how to do something, but you’re not expected to have mastered it by the end of the lesson. You need more practice before it becomes automatic - the same with your Welsh. Keep at it and you’ll achieve your goal!


I have got as far as week 7 of the first course of lessons and am enjoying this so much.
However I am 85and computer illiterate and can’t work out how to find the challenges to help me to complete and improve. Also, I keep mixing up dweud and siarad in my sentences. Anyway I would be very grateful if someone could provide me with an easy way to find the challenges.
Thank you

Hi Margaret,
On a pc from this page, you should see ‘Learn’ in the top bar. Click on that and it will take you to where you can find all the challenges (you may need to click on it again to see ‘challenges’. Then just choose your level and which challenge you want - and have a glance to see if you’re on the right set for North or South whichever one you’re doing (just above the apple and google play logos, you should see “switch to North region” if it’s currently set to South, and “switch to South region” if it’s currently set to North).

Don’t worry about mixing up dweud and siarad too much - your brain will eventually hang them on the right hooks if you keep at it, it’ll still be ‘processing’ them at the moment. :slight_smile:

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Hello Margaret

Ahh yes, dweud and siarad. I am pleased to read that I am not alone in confusing these two. I’m sure that we can trust in the system to help us resolve this problem. P.S. I am 76 and i am enjoying this course tremendously. Pob lwc.


It’s totally understandable to feel frustrated when trying to move on to new challenges while struggling with the words from the previous ones. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Many language learners face similar challenges. Sometimes, it’s our own expectations that can hold us back, but give yourself some credit for the progress you’ve made so far. Keep practicing, and don’t hesitate to ask for help or tips from others in the community. And hey, we’ve all got our quirks, right? Have you ever come across depersonalization? It’s an interesting topic that might resonate with your learning experiences.

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i would like to say a huge Congratulations Margaret for attempting to learn Welsh at 85. Arddechog…Excellent👌