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Hi All!

My Welsh journey has been less than a year long so far… i started with Duolingo and then began the Dysgu Cymraeg mynediad lessons (currently on wythnos wyth) .
I have occasionally tried the free old lessons avalible on the SSIW app and have enjoyed what I have done so far. I am slow but it seems to work - but I can’t listen and do something else ( I’m jelouse that some seme to be able to drive or cleaning the house and listen. I need to be sat consentrating on the words to have any go in :grin:).
I keep telling myself to make time and do it - and that when I’ve done more of that I will sign up to SSIW! But ofcourse i never find time and kick myself when I realise another month has gone by and I’ve still not looked into it!

I have just heard about the auto magic lessons and this sounds interesting ! Is the auto magic different lessons from the SSIW lessons and if you sign up to one do you have access to the other?

I have also heard a few times that if I am already doing a certain course (maybe with dysgu cymraeg?) that I should get access to some of SSIW or automagic? Is this true… I have just seen this on a couple of message boards but not seen anything official confirming !

Thank you!

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AutoMagic uses basically the same material but it’s presented differently. Instead of being in set lessons that give so much to you in 30 minutes, AutoMagic is one stream of material that allows you to do as much as you like in one go, then stop, and when you come back it will carry on from where you were.

It also has settings that let you control whether you get more repetitions of earlier material to practise, or whether you move on to newer material more quickly giving you more control over the pace of your own learning.

If you sign up for a standard subscription everything is available through the ‘Learn’ menu item at the top of the website - the “Challenges” (the standard lessons) and “AutoMagic Beta” (the first release of the new software).

If you’re registered with Dysgu Cymraeg, ask your tutor about access to SSiW. You can get free access to AutoMagic and the standard courses, but not to the tutor-supported 6 Minutes a Day course. That needs a subscription, as above, but gives you the chance to interact with other learners via Slack and to join in group online sessions with a tutor.

Hi Deborah, A quick question for you, please. I’ve completed 25 hours of the new, wonderful AutoMagic stream and have enjoyed every minute of it. For the last couple of hours, there has been only review sentences - no new material. Have I reached the end or is this all part of the master plan and I need to be a bit patient? Diolch am eich help. Winnie

@stlouislearner if you’ve hit the “random revision”, i.e. just sentences you’ve had before, then you must have received all the new material that’s loaded into AutoMagic at the moment, but it shouldn’t be long until there is more in there.

I seem to have hit random revision after doing 20 hours of AutoMagic. I’ve now done 2 hours of revision so it’s getting a bit boring. Is this an ongoing problem that there’s not much material in AutoMagic? If so, what’s the alternative?
Thanks Sue

Hi @suebuck
I’ve checked with the Tech Team and you’ve reached the end of the material loaded in so far. There will be more before too long.

In the meantime, if you click on ‘Learn’ at the top of the site, then go to ‘Challenges’, you’re more or less at the beginning of Level 2, so you could work with the static audio files until more material is loaded into AutoMagic.

OK, thanks Deborah