SSiW ar ôl Level 3

Bore da pawb

Dw i newydd gorffen Level 3. Rwan dw i’n ysteried beth dylwn i wneud nesaf. Advanced? S4C? Radio Cymru? Grammar textbooks…?

Ok, gad i mi ei rhoi yn Saesneg. I’ve much enjoyed SSiW. But, now that I’ve completed the three levels, and am confident in my using its content, I worry that without the structure of the course I might lose my way a bit. I don’t want to lose my progress, so I just wonder how anyone who was in the same position as I am now proceeded?

Diolch i bawb, a nadolig llawen.



I have been listening to the Advanced lessons, which I find very difficult. I’m also having several one-to-one chats in Welsh through contacts laregly via Slack.

Here are some threads that might help - you’ll see that different people have taken different paths, but there are plenty of options.

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