SSiW 'App of the week'!

The Welsh Government Learn Cymraeg website is promoting SSIW as ‘app of the week’:

and on Twitter:

Nabod rhywun sydd eisiau dysgu Cymraeg?
Want to learn Welsh? Try the Say Something in Welsh app


Fabulous! Well done SSIW!

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That’s very kind of them… :star: :star2:

You know I’ve tweeted a bit of encouragement to use SSiW as a reply to this, however I had to wipe off some "yn"s or what’s more to it as 140 characters is a bit too little to put everything in. :slight_smile:

Yes, well done SSiW. I’d say it’s app of the year not just app of the week … well, could be app for the lifetie for those of us who learn Cymraeg. There’s no better one than this regardless IOS or Android! :slight_smile: