SSiW 10anniversary party slide show

I found that my PC advised me that the site was unsafe and could be vulnerable to being hacked etc. Love the video by Ceri Francis.

Same here. I get a message that my computer thinks it’s 6/2/2020 (yay!), but:

Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for expired on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

View Certificate

Maybe @wondersheep can help here? :blush:

Ah. I don’t use that domain, and never intended the link to be shared, I’m afraid. I’ll try to fix it later.

(Also explains why I used as much of my hosting data cap in a day yesterday as in the whole of the previous month!)

Ooooops… my bad! So sorry Kev! :grimacing:

I’ve taken it down from the other thread Kev. Hope that helps. X

You can ignore this message in this case. My PC is STILL very alive so no harm will be made. It does give this message many times but if you know the source it shouldn’t be a problem.

This is the “problem” of the security settings on the PC though. Sometimes it’s too harch on the user.

@wondersheep what about putting the slideshow somewhere (on YouTube for example)?

It doesn’t help @CatrinLliarJones. You’ve put it into the newsletter, remember? Unless Kev deactivates the link and it won’t work anymore.

Otherwise: Great slideshow which I’ve got the chance to see only yesterday since I wasn’t at the party. There is some of me inthere too! :slight_smile: Diolch o galon.

Yes Tatjana, I remembered about the email, but conceded that I couldn’t do anything about that. So thought best to repair damage where possible in the faint hope that it would do less damage. After all, where are we without hope? :wink:

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Sorry. It’s not a big deal, I’ve got the bandwidth to spare - even if it carried on the whole month at the rate it did the first day I’d still just about be able to cover it.

I spent the evening upgrading the box and getting new certs and stuff. So I think we’re good now.

Sorry. It can be put back with no harm I think, and the cert issues are sorted.

Ti’n seren aur Kev! Thank you so much for being patient and cooperative. :blush: