SSi - state of play, February 2017

Yikes, February is disappearing already - I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for not posting this on the 1st, what with the 5 Day Super-Intensive and so on…:wink:

Here was last month’s: SSi - state of play, January 2017

Currently available material:

As last month, PLUS 2 northern L3 lessons - limping into a result there, with each step making something different explode in the SSiBorg, but it’s a delight to have the first couple out there.

Coming next

Welsh: more L3 northern in the very near future, and work has started on L3 southern.

Spanish: still waiting on the final change to the SSiBorg.

Asturian: still waiting on my recordings - weather allowing, I’ll make some headway on that this month.

Manx: not sure where we are right now, but fingers crossed just some recording away from new releases.

Dutch: Louis has just started in the new version of the SSiBorg, but needs to wait for Ifan to double-check that his initial work hasn’t broken anything…:wink:


No major changes I’m aware of - any comments, @Iestyn? We will be pushing on to our first commercially available 5 Day Super-Intensive probably at the end of March, and then we’ll see if there’s a market for more regular 5 Dayers, which might make a valuable difference.

Next steps

Rolling out the 5 Day approach, as above - I’ve been absolutely delighted by the results, and really looking forward to taking this several steps further.

Still waiting on the larger parent company with the online school - but also talking about some possible similar work for educational provision in a small number of African countries.

Other stuff

Still waiting to roll out the videos - we’ll probably need to get the last major shift with the SSiBorg done first, so that we don’t make Ifan’s head explode.


Still working through the first quarter aim of publishing more stuff in Welsh, Spanish, Asturian, Manx and possibly Dutch. I’m happy that we’re moving along, and hoping we’ll do a fair bit more in the next couple of months.

Delighted with the 5 Day test run, and excited about the next steps there.

Plus still bits and pieces happening with advertising - no major breakthroughs as yet, but stuff worth testing, which is important.

Overall mood

Quietly confident - huge boost from the 5 Dayer, fairly hopeful that we’ll be publishing more regularly in the next couple of months (which will at some point mean more material for me to run some more carefree destruction tests on myself!), really looking forward to seeing what happens when we can start to roll out the videos, and keen to get the next couple of advertising tests out.


This sounds a bit silly… But you almost brought a tear to my eye when I saw Asturian. Asturian, as in bable? I am a quarter of Asturian ancestry and it holds a dear place for me, and although I speak Spanish, I only know a few words of traditional Asturian vocabulary. I am delightfully awaiting the completion of the Asturian course and I do look forward to it. You’ve made my day!

@aran, are you doing the course, or is someone else?

Asturian: still waiting on my recordings

Not sure if you mean your recordings, or recordings that have been shared with you. :wink: Either way, I know you’re quite the Spanish speaker and I know you’d perform excellently!


Yay, updates :slight_smile: Thank you!

You mentioned elsewhere that Level 2 listening exercises may be coming along in the near future - would they be worth mentioning here as well?

Though that mention implied that they probably won’t be here in February so that may rather be something for a future update when they’re further along in the workflow.

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Ah, yes, good point…:wink:

How lovely! It’s @Xose who has put the leg work in with this - the bits that I need to get done are the English recordings… :slight_smile: I should be able to make some decent progress with that over the next month, so hopefully we’ll have a bunch of stuff before too long… :slight_smile:


What’s happening with the Cornish course?

The last conversation I had with the Cornish lads was five or six weeks ago, I think, and they were getting to grips with the new building tool - very well, I thought, and they’ve generated a fair bit of content already - so fingers crossed they should only be some recording away from being able to publish a few more lessons.

Tagging @polhodge-1 @miketresidder just in case they happen to log on… :slight_smile: