SSi Spanish Android app?

Hi all,

Is the Spanish app available for Android, or only iOS? I can’t find it on the Google Play store… If it isn’t available, are there any plans for the near future? Might have to just use the traditional desktop method…


Nothing for Android, unfortunately. There was a test version at one time, but it never made it out of beta, and I don’t believe the beta version even runs properly at the moment.

Many years ago the usage percentages for the welsh apps were about 90% iOS and 10% for Android. I’m under the impression that the usage figures for the Spanish iOS aren’t high, which makes it hard to justify the time necessary to get the Android version out the door.

I last looked at usage figures a loooong time ago though, so I’m hopeful for @lewie to come and point out that hordes of people are running iOS Spanish…

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If you type in the search bar on Google Play you can find both, Spanish and Welsh app there but you can’t find the Spanish one if you type just Spanish or Say Something in Spanish, SSiSpanish or something similar. Well I see the apps but it might be also because I still have both installed and never deleted them both. Yesterday I’ve downloaded Challenge 10 of Level 1 just fine but didn’t do it though so I don’t quite know if it really works perfectly. But refreshing the data gives you only Level 1 and Level 2 but not Old material and Tourist course so it might be that it doesn’t refresh properly in deed though.

@jamesmahoney is there any way I could give him a link or something to access it anyway?

OK, well, Can it get you install it to your device anyway.
Trying is not a sin I believe so go ahead. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys. I tried to search as suggested, but no deal. All good, I’m downloading the challenges as mp3s by logging on through my phone’s browser.

So the link I’ve given doesn’t work for you? I’m sorry but, well, downloading challenges is also fine and you can use them later offline aswell.

No, unfortunately the link you provided didn’t work on my device. But thanks for your assistance!

So it tells me even more I should never delete it or I won’t have it ever again. :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback @hugh-holliday.

I have the Spanish app on my old Android phone, but I suspect I registered as a Beta tester way back when, and that’s why it still works fine for me. I definitely won’t delete it after this discussion though.