SSi Scottish Gaelic/ Gàidhlig

Hi All!

Have there been any updates on bringing Scottish Gaelic/Gàidhlig to Say Something In?
Your format is absolutely incredible and my sister has been learning Welsh via the course and absolutely loving it.



We’re in the middle of trying to get a couple of English courses launched, but starting to add extra languages is now very high up the to-do list - it’s always tricky to be precise about timing on these things, but I’d expect us to be testing some volunteer access to the course building software in the next two or three months, fingers crossed - the Gàidhlig might not be in the first batch, but I’d be very keen for it to be in the second, so starting before the end of the year if we’re lucky… :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for replying!
I am extremely excited by that news. If the Gàidhlig course is anything like the Welsh then I imagine it will add so much to the revival of the language!


Very excited to hear this Aran. I feel confident enough with my Welsh now that I don’t need to study it too much any more. That said, of course there is a lot of room for improvement, especially the future tense, but I find it sort of happens organically every time I have a night in the pub speaking Welsh. So that leaves me wanting to take on another language challenge through SSi because it really is the best, most intuitive way to learn and give amazingly quick results! Diolch unwaith eto:D


We’ve had to hold back a bit on volunteer course creation while we get our new AutoMagic approach up and running… and then we’ve got a tricky balance, having had some new ideas that could speed up course creation… do we get some volunteers up and running now, when it’s still quite an intensive/long piece of work, or do we wait a little bit and automate further, so that a new course can go live much more quickly? I’m inclining towards the latter… :slight_smile:


You are probably right; I trust your judgement Aran! Diolch :smiley:

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It’s a super frustrating juggling act! But if we’re right about the new ideas, the floodgates could open next year :crossed_fingers:

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