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Hi. Having a little difficulty in picking up what is being said in part 5 of the first SSiW course, I looked at the guide listing the words used and spotted “Wnest…” in part 4. I hear “nest” very clearly. Whats happened to the “W”? I tried to check it out on Google Translate and found that: Wnest ti ddim = You did not, but Nest ti ddim = did you not. Can anyone explain, please?

S’mae Paul?

Sometimes you may hear “oo-nest ti” for wnest ti, but the course is using colloquial pronounciation where the initial “w” is pretty much silent. The SSiW mantra applies here: Don’t worry about it! Say it like you hear in the lessons and you will be absolutely fine. The lessons will not lead you astray, and you will sound all the more natural in your Welsh if you follow their lead.

Pob lwc!


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S’mae Stu.

Thank you. good to know I’m not cracking up/going deaf.

Diolch yn fawr


Hello Paul.

As stu says, the “w” is not often pronounced there. This is why you will often see it spelled “nest ti”. This might be a better illustration of the sound for you.

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Diolch yn fawr

I am reviving this topic because I seem to have a lot of trouble knowing exactly what I’m hearing and seeing it written down does help when you are my age and used to doing a lot of reading.
In the Challenges, I don’t think there is a vocabulary list and I keep finding myself asking, “What did he say?” Sometimes trying the Gog version helps, sometimes not!
Is anyone going to do lists for e.g. !,13, 1.14??
e,g, I thought Bydd was for statements and Fydd for questions, but I seemed to hear “Fyddy fe” in a statement.
@aran ? @Iestyn? Pawb???

There is if you’re on the new design - which will be encouraging everyone to switch over to in the fairly near future… :sunny:

In the meantime, that sounds like either a little hearing slip-up, or a little speaking slip-up - but either way, you’re right that ‘fydd’ is for questions (or the negative) - so if it’s a positive statement, it ought to be ‘B’ - although you’ll hear people chopping and changing in ordinary conversation, not least because with the particle ‘mi’ or ‘fe’ you’d also get the softening - so sometimes you’ll hear stuff like ‘fydd o mae’n siwr’ which is actually a casual shortening of ‘mi fydd o, mae’n siwr’…

Short version - don’t worry about it, just talk Welsh to people… :sunny:

I’m scared to go on to the new design. I know where I am with this one and I can’t come back once I’ve moved!! I’m not even sure what the differences are!! Is there a simple guide for the scared elderly? A very simple guide!!!
Diolch for the answer to my question!!

Er… actually, we’ve said that you can (for a while) come back after having a look, although that will eventually not be the case any more. If you can see the option to switch under your profile, then I’d suggest you just jump in and give it a go - the forum will still look pretty much exactly the same… :sunny:

Um…er…Where? I clicked on my profile. I can’t see anything about switching. Please send terribly exact instructions on how to switch and how to get back again!!

Click on ‘Learn’ (so you’re out of the forum), click on your name in the top right hand corner, click on ‘Account settings’ in the dropdown menu that will appear, look down towards the bottom of the page (just above ‘Save changes’) to see if you have an option to choose Website theme - if it’s not there, we’ll have to ask @kinetic to make it available for you… :sunny:

To @aran

Thanks! I seem to still have the same forum look, which is brilliant!! I will have to fight my way through the ‘Learn’ section, learning as I go!!
Found the vocab list and had forgotten what I wanted to check!! Still it will be helpful to have it available!!
I can’t say I find the new format as easy to get around as the old, but I guess it’s a matter of what one is used to!!
I will persevere!

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