I battled through the course up to lesson 6 on 3 occasions and got stuck each time. This time I have made it into lesson 8…still very slow and needing the pause button, but keeping going a little at a time. I am a young 78 so this might be a factor!!! One problem I have is that when the two of you give the correct Welsh translation of the English it is sometimes too fast for me. Actually the opening long phrase of lesson 8 had me going back several times to catch what it was. I know the lessons cannot be re-done just for the likes of me, but maybe others have had the same problem…none-the-less Dw i’n gweithio yn galed.



Hi Pedr, and a very warm welcome to the forum! :sunny:

It sounds as though you’re doing very well - don’t worry at all about using the pause button, that’s absolutely fine, use it as much as you like. But don’t worry about re-playing the answers - your brain will use them as part of its indexing process whether or not you consciously understand them, and being exposed to stuff that is faster than you can currently follow is an important part of how you improve your ability to decipher the spoken language… :thumbsup:

When you say you got stuck - the next time, try carrying on four or five more lessons, and then come back to the one you felt stuck on, and see if that fixes it - it’s much more fun than going back to the start, which you should very, very rarely need to do. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself - if you’re getting more than 50% of the phrases correct, you’re definitely ready to move on to the next session :sunny:

Croeso i’r fforwm Peter!

You are doing brilliantly to have got past the infamous Lessons 6 - it gets easier from here on it and I am certain that you will do very well with the remainder of Course 1. Please do not hesitate to post you questions on the forum, as there are loads of willing souls on here to help you and support you in your journey to Welsh speaker-dom! It’s already great to read about the progress of fellow learners, some of the stories are very inspiring. And don’t worry about being 78 years young, you’ll be just as good as the youngsters.

Pob lwc I ti!