Speaking Welsh in the wild

I went to Nant Gwrtheyrn near Pwllheli last week to do the Cwrs Sylfaen and loved the course but my favourite memory will be when my classmates and I (there were four of us) went up the hill to Llithfaen (in a taxi because Screw Hill is a monster) on Thursday evening because we heard there was a pub quiz. When we arrived the pub was quite quiet but we went to the bar and ordered our drinks proudly in Welsh and then sat at table talking in Wenglish! After five minutes a lady came up and asked us in Welsh if we were here for the quiz and we answered yes if that was ok she then went back to her own table. After a couple of minutes she came back and said she was worried that some of the questions would be too local for us to get right but as not many people (about 12) had turned up that night for the quiz how did we feel about splitting up the whole pub into just two teams for the quiz with two of us students from Nant Gwrtheyrn on each team, we jumped at it. It was a fantastic evening with our new team mates only translating questions if we looked too confused and lots of laughter and heckling. Between rounds the chatting and laughter was all done in Welsh and when asked how long I’d been learning Welsh and I replied 9 months on my computer with 3 months with SSiW, they were surprised and very flattering about how much I’d learnt and my accent. That evening of making new friends, laughing, telling jokes and I even got a few question right would not have happened if I hadn’t decided to learn Welsh.


So glad you made it up to The Vic’s quiz in Llithfaen! :grinning:
I’ve been lucky enough to make it up there a couple of times too on courses at Nant Gwrtheyrn and you’re absolutely right about the wonderfully warm welcome - if anybody out there has the opportunity, do go! Not so much a dip into Welsh as a hot-tub! :slightly_smiling_face:


That sounds like an absolutely wonderful evening @claireself! What a great opportunity, and one you’ll never forget I’m sure.

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I have to say Nant Gwrtheyrn itself is a fabulous place to go to with lovely people especially the catering staff with their support and catchphrase of Dim Cymraeg, dim brecwast!


Absolutely - it’s magic! And what you say about the catering staff is bang on! :slightly_smiling_face: