Speaking practice!

Hello everyone!
I really want to start using the little knowledge I have but I’m 17, I’m very very awkward and no one speaks Welsh where I live. Any tips? :smiley:
Thank you very much.

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Try joining the Welsh Speaking Practice slack groups;

Also if you’re in the UK, even outside of Wales theres probably a Welsh language group near-ish you. They might not be doing face to face activities at the moment but a lot of groups are doing virtual stuff. Try searching for your location (or places nearby) in the forum. Hope that helps


Hi @alexandra88888

Croeso, Welcome. :slight_smile: Have you joined Welsh Speaking Practice group?..if not email admin@saysomethingin.com with Wsp in the title and they will send you an invite.

As @charlie-o says there may be a group in your area who are currently using zoom or something similar…and even if not the one good thing about the technology is that there are quite a few of these meetings going on which you can join as it doesn’t really matter where you live!

For example there is a zoom meeting on Sats at noon for learners across Yorkshire (where I live) but our most recent joiner is Huw who lives not far from Newport :grin:. We have learners at all levels and you are more than welcome if you’d like to attend.

@BronwenLewis is world famously helpful for helping people get started / or at any level via the WSP thing I mentioned above.

So there are loads of options and I’m sure one will suit you…I’ll send you the link to the Sat meeting if you’re interested - let me know.

Rich :slight_smile:

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Indeed, Bronwen is brilliant - she posted this on another thread earlier in the week -


To all frustrated SoundClouders, I’m having a Chatathon this Thursday, September 24th. It means I stay around all day, hoping people will chat to me on Slack WSP or Slack 6/6, Skype, Zoom, over the phone, or by shouting through my window. I like little chats of 3 to 30 minutes, north or south, any level, so if you need to practise your sentences or just say what you’ve learned so far to someone else, send me a private message!

Give it a try - you’ll be in very safe hands :slight_smile: