Speaking practice - levels v listening exercises

I have been following the Advanced Content programme for several weeks, having completed all levels (time and time again). The talks by Luke and Daniel etc are very funny and engaging but they do not add to my speaking practice.
I find the Levels really good - having to say the sentence and then hearing it repeated twice. I am an active part of that. I find myself, at odd times saying ‘So bywyd yn hawdd’ and ‘So bywyd i fod yn hawdd.’
I think that the strength of SSiW, for actually speaking Welsh, is the learning of new words, sentences and constructions as in the Levels and challenges.
Is there any chance that more levels will be available later?

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As far as I know, there are no plans in the short term, but @aran would be able to answer what the long-term plans might be :slight_smile:

Have you had a run through the original (old) course material? A lot of that you’ll be familiar with, but there are other structures and different vocabulary included in those which you may find useful.

Thank you Deborah - where will I find the original course material?

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If you go to ‘Learn’ then ‘Challenges’ up above and scroll down on the page, you’ll see ‘Old Material’ with ‘Old Course 1’ etc.

They’re also available through the SSiW mobile app if you use that :slight_smile: