Speaking buddy

Hi , I’m currently on level 2 Challenge 6 North Wales learner.
The task for this week is to connect with a speaking buddy to share speaking some sentences.
Is anyone interested in helping me with that.?
I’m not really sure where to post this request .


Hi Linda, my Northwalian is a bit ropey and my southwalian is not a whole lot better ha.
I have tagged Siaron and Hendrik and they should be able to point you to the right thread. Poblwc. :crossed_fingers:

To be honest, there is no one right thread, there are quite a few - you can find them if you put “speaking partner” into the forum search (click on the magnifying glass in the top bar).

You can wait to see what replies you get here, or you can look at the other threads from the search results and choose someone to pair up with from there.

And you can also have chats in the WSP group on Slack (Welsh Speaking Practice).

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Hello, thanks for your response .
I will see what happens with replies .
Can I show my ignorance and ask what is the slack site , is it this
Diolch yn fawr,

No, Slack isn’t part of this forum, it’s a separate entity. We have two groups on it, one is for people following the structured course with tutor support (the 6/6 group) and the other is open to anyone (the WSP group). On the site it’s possible to hook up with group or individual chats. Invites to the 6/6 group are emailed to those who have subscribed to the structured course but for an invite to the open WSP group, just ask by emailing admin@saysomethingin.com

Thank you so much.
I will send an email to the link .
I’m looking forward to test out my shakey Welsh speaking skills.
Have a great weekend.

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I can do that! I’m on a different level than you though level 1 challenge 21 (wk22) (cogledd) and I have the same task to complete but haven’t yet connected with any one. If you think the different levels aren’t an issue then we could perhaps zoom meet if you like. (though I don’t know how to set that up but it can’t be hard)
Peter Garland

Hi Peter,
I think that would be great .
I’m a few lessons ahead of you but you maybe ahead of me with comprehension and speaking ability.
Do you use What’s App?