Spanish through Welsh?

Well, the time has come. We’ve just been talking about the possibility of going to Barcelona for a little holiday next year, so I thought I’d perhaps make a start on Spanish. But when I go to the ‘learn’ page the option that I used to see for Spanish through the medium of Welsh doesn’t seem to be there any more.

If it’s not available any longer, then that’s just the way it is. I can of course start Level 1 through English! But I thought I’d just check: is it hiding away on the site anywhere accessible for the likes of me?

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Sorrreeeee!! Found it now: other languages > Spanish through Welsh.

Right. Now to work out how to get the MP3s onto my phone (I used the app for the Welsh lessons, which worked really well. But I’m going to have to get to grips with this technology stuff.)

As you were…

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Buena suerte. :slight_smile:

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We will catch up with appifying all these sorts of options in due course - in the meantime, er, sorry! :sunny:

I’ve got to the previously brain melting lesson 3 of Spanish via Welsh course and while it’s still tricky, I’m much better than my previous attempts a few years ago; no pausing and got more right than wrong.

I think my Welsh has become so deeply rooted that I can actually do this.

Be aware Sara that the course content is slightly different, so after you’ve completed the course, try the English version.


Thanks, Aran - apologies not at all necessary. I found it by using a little bit of intelligence (sorely lacking previously…)

I had a go at the first three lessons, and … not a great success. I don’t think my Welsh has yet got as firmly embedded as Ian’s, because the longer sentences were just impossible - by the time I’d processed the first part of the Welsh sentence I’d forgotten what the second part was (which, let’s face it, is a problem even in English). So I just stood there doing my best goldfish impression…

Think I’m going to start again with the English version, as the Spanish itself didn’t seem that tricky (after Welsh…)

Oh, if there’s any chance I could borrow some of it… mine’s been on holiday for a very long time! :sunny:

Something struck me last night whilst battling through lesson 3. What I’m doing is actually a Welsh listening exercise on steroids.

The Spanish and Welsh words used are easy enough at the moment, but where before I’ve got away with listening to Welsh conversation by getting the jist of it by picking out key words and context (eg ti and fi), these lessons do 3 things.

Force me to pick out all the individual words, do it under pressure (no pause) and provide me with a method of checking if I actually understood.

I wonder if this could be a useful tool for learning?

I’m certain it will be - although it would probably reduce less experienced and confident learners to tears!

But you like reducing learners to tears! :smile:

But seriously, yes…it’s not something I’d recommend until you’re confident in both languages.

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I thought to add “read me” - hehe

Well, I usually don’t cry but am sometimes very near to that. :frowning: :slight_smile:

But you know that one: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity I had to try is. After ten minutes I realised my welsh isn’t quite good enough yet! And maybe I’d be better off finishing the welsh courses first.

It is seriously tough to learn a language through the medium of a language you don’t speak to near-native standard - so don’t worry about it!