Spanish through the medium of Welsh

I was doing the Spanish course through the medium of Welsh at one stage, though it was a while ago. Someone has just come on the SSi Facebook page saying that they did the first lesson and loved it, but can’t find it again. Does anyone know where it is? Is there a link I can pass on to her?

I have a recollection of seeing a sort of home page where I could choose the language I was learning through, and I think it included English for Spanish speakers. Has that disappeared now, or is it just me that can’t find it?

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Yup, it has - we didn’t have the translations properly sorted out for the new design - but you can go directly to for the Spanish course through the medium of Welsh :sunny:

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So, I found this thread because I couldn’t find the links either, but the link Aran posted works, so that’s all good! How about Welsh through Spanish though? I have a Spanish speaking friend and we were going to play with her doing a few lessons of Welsh through Spanish and me doing a few Spanish through Welsh and see what fools we could make of ourselves!! But I need that link!! :slight_smile:

We need to rebuild the Welsh course fully inside the SSiBorg before we can start matching it to other languages as interfaces - but it is definitely, definitely coming down the pipes… :slight_smile:

aw man! we were finally ready to do it! :stuck_out_tongue: ok, will be patient! sigh :smirk:

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