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Hi, I’ve done 2 of the Welsh courses and would like to try Spanish. Do I just resubscribe for a tenner a month? Is there an app? When I go to the website it just mentions paying 50 quid.

My question as well Jane-62 as I am confused about the pricing and content.
I’ve just joined the site/service (found it on the iOS App store). On the app there appear to be 25 lessons in Level 1 with five additional ‘Listening Exercises’ - all for no cost.
I did the first lesson and very much enjoyed it. I’ve been struggling with Spanish for a number of months now and the SS listen & repeat approach seems to be one that might make the language ‘stick’ a bit more.
I’d like to be able to learn on my PC as well as the phone but for that it looks like I have to buy a bundle of lessons (and are these the same as on the app?). I found a link to subscribe but is that the same content as the bundled lessons?
All a bit unclear to me…

@jane-62 @andrew-80 I’ve replied to you both in a private message

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Will you please also reply to me? I am also confused. I paid 50 for the first 10 Spanish lessons, but am not sure what to do next… Thank you in advance for your wise counsel. :slight_smile:

Once you get to the end of those 10, there should be an option to pay again for the next group.