Spanish reviews on Facebook - what do you think?

Just got ‘nudged’ (it felt more like a sledgehammer!) by Facebook to open up reviews on SaySomethinginSpanish (in the same way we did a while back for SaySomethinginWelsh).

If you’ve got a couple of minutes, it would be a HUGE help at this stage to have an initial collection of reviews sitting there - it looks a bit as though we don’t really exist while it’s empty! - the link is:

[And if you haven’t left a review on the SSiW page yet, that’s at:]

If you can think of a way that non-Facebook members can help, let us know 'cos I’ve used both and would be delighted to add my reviews - might even be positive. :wink:

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Diolch o galon, Huw - can’t see a workaround right now, but I’ll certainly let you know if inspiration strikes! :slight_smile:

Yup, that goes for me, too. Also a non-Facebook person.

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I’m happy to post your review as a surrogate if you think it’s ethically OK.

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Diolch yn fawr, @robbruce - caredig iawn
Please post the following and ascribe it to Huw Jones, Ceredigion if you don’t see any ethical objections (I don’t)

I tackled the first level of the Spanish course and the extremely useful Tourist course shortly before a holiday in the North of Spain. I was already used to the course in Welsh, my mother tongue, and found the Spanish lessons equally clear and well-planned. In the course of six months I gained enough confidence not only to do tourist things but to have conversations with the locals without too much hand-waving. I recommend SSiS (and SSiW) enthusiastically.