Spanish level 3/4/5

Dear everyone and the SSI Spanish Team!

Can I kick off by saying how much I’m enjoying using the program. It’s fab. Having done all of the Michel Thomas Spanish years ago I arrived here to avoid feeling like I was doing the same thing over and over.

I intend to push as far as this course will let me. I don’t want this course to finish after Spanish 2 - and I know 3 is on the way.

If this course could push on towards Spanish, 4/5/6/7 this would be one of the only language programs out there that would take learning the Spanish language to a whole new level!

Anyone else that enthusiastic?



We’re arm-wrestling with the new course creation tool at the moment, but probably less than a month or so away from the next round of beta-testing - which will include a bunch of Level 3 Spanish stuff… :slight_smile:

I don’t think we want to get into a never-ending 3/4/5/6 etc, though - the truth of it is, once you’ve done 75 half-hour sessions or so, you’ve got all you need to produce effectively in conversational settings, so the next stuff should all be about a) getting into conversations and b) getting bulk exposure to as wide a range as possible of Spanish, in a comprehensible manner.

We can’t help with a) just yet, but we’ve got some ideas for b) that we should start work on this year… :slight_smile:

And thank you so much for your kind and enthusiastic words… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


a mí me gusta esto!


Hmmm. Tricky.

With our Welsh course, we’ve always suggested just jumping in at the beginning anyway - on the grounds that intermediate learners will fly through the first stages and then find out where it gets tough enough to be valuable to them.

But the first Welsh course is free, which isn’t the case with Spanish. Plus, it sounds as though what you really need to be doing is getting bulk comprehensible spoken input (which is a part of the learning journey that is generally poorly provided for).

I’d make two suggestions - one, that you try and find some immersion time - two or three days when you spend your entire time either having conversations in Spanish or listening to Spanish radio - for all the time you’re awake - even just one day like that can sometimes be a very effective trigger.

Two, we could give you free access to Level 1 Spanish for you to run through it quickly and see if it gets to the point of challenging you enough.

How does that sound?

Okay - let me know when you’d ready to give the Spanish ones a try, and we’ll set you up… :slight_smile:

Buena suerte!

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Any progress on Level 3 yet Aran?

We’re close to being able to start work on it - just a matter of getting the content of the previous levels set up in the course creation tool - Ifan’s flat out on a final fix before we do a new round of beta testing with other languages, but we should be able to get the set up ready for Spanish inside the next month or so… :slight_smile:

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That is good news,and thank you for your prompt reply!

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Hi Arran,

Any joy with level three? Surely we can’t be a million miles away? : )

I was expecting to be onto it by now - but our only-thought-of-just-before-Christmas launch of a new, structured 6 month approach for our Welsh course has thrown everything into chaos, and stolen our dev’s time away from the course creation tool…

But on the bright side, it also bids fair to turn us into a genuine going concern, with actual cash-flow, so while it’s put the brakes on for the first quarter, it may well end up leading to lots more stuff for Spanish by the summer… :slight_smile:

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Hi! What’s the update on level three mate?


I would be interested in the reply to this question also…