Spanish Level 2 ---- : /

I’m just going to say it…

Why on earth have the first 4/5 lessons of level two been dedicated to asking about kids?

It’s overkill.

Really frustrating.

I’m sorry you’re not enjoying it, Christopher - do please let us know if you’d like a refund, we can process it immediately.

I believe we do mention in one of the intros that although we built this part of the material around talking about children, the main aim is introducing a range of plural forms of verbs, pretty much all of which can be extrapolated to other situations/nouns.

Hi Aran

Thanks for getting back in touch;

Yes I would like a refund as although I’m very satisfied with level 1, level two has been a big let down for me so far.

Many thanks.


I’ve passed that on to our dev, who’ll process it for you the next time he’s at his desk - should be some time tomorrow morning (although I think he’s travelling one day this week, in which case it might be a little longer).

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