Spanish Level 2 - Racing to the finish line

Hola - Congratulations on yet more progress with publishing additional challenges in Spanish Level 2.

We can’t imagine all the hard work that goes into creating this fantastic course. Out with the Rioja to toast your efforts.

And the ultimate reward for all your achievement is that we are chafing at the bit to graduate to Spanish Level 3.

hasta luego,


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Muchisimas gracias! Yup, L3 will come in the not-too-distant future - certainly in the course of next year… :sunny:

… and then straight on from Spanish to Arabic. El Cid would be proud! I think!!


Watching the Spanish challenges race along to completion reminds me of ‘‘road-runner’’. What acceleration!!

Many, many congratulations.

Now we can almost, smell, taste, feel, hear and see Spanish 3 on the near horizon.

Hopefully, you can also smell, taste, feel, hear and see our appreciation.

SSi forever,


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Diolch o galon, Justin! :sunny:

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