Spanish Level 1 - Log of progress

That, sir, is job done. Leave it a fortnight at least until you next revisit it, and get yourself on to Level 2… :sunny:

Well…okay. Though there were some bits where I did literally mumble “blah” in a Spanish accent

27%? Seriously, not a problem. Give it two weeks, and get moving on in the meantime :sunny:

Well, okay then…

  • April 21st - Monday
    Course 2 Challenge 1

  • April 22nd - Tuesday
    Course 2 Challenge 2

  • April 23rd - Wednesday
    Course 2 Challenge 3 (Huge amounts of this seemed to involve silence from me…)

  • April 24th - Thursday
    Course 2 Challenge 4. Perhaps it’s something from my subconscious, but all the bits to do with children and girls and boys are not sticking.

  • April 26th - Sunday
    Challenge 5

  • April 27th - Monday
    Challenge 6

  • April 28th - Tuesday
    Challenge 7

  • April 29th - Wednesday
    Challenge 8, Challenge 9

  • May 4th - Monday
    Challenge 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

  • May 7th - Thursday
    Challenge 15

  • May 8th - Friday
    Challenge 16

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Good man. Seriously, it’ll all work out fine like this, I promise :sunny:

My belief is growing a little…

  • April 26th
    Third go of Challenge 25. Since I was out walking I had to keep track of how I did using my fingers, hence I’ve only tracked what was near perfect (the definition of perfect being somewhat less precise towards the end of the lesson…)

  • Near perfect - 35%. So a 13% increase /without/ revisting the challenge. There were still plenty of phrases that were a total mystery to me though.

:star: :star2:

Seeing as how I’ve done all the course 2 lessons that exist, should I work through the old material or the tourist course to keep things ticking over?

No harm in it - especially the tourist material, which will give you some handy extra vocab :sunny:

Tourist course…

  • 15th May - Friday
    Tourist Course - Challenge 1

  • 16th May - Saturday
    Tourist Course - Challenge 2

  • 18th May - Monday
    Tourist Course - Challenge 3

  • Between 19th May and 31st May

Tourist Course - Challenge 4,5,6,7 and 8
(Can’t remember when I actually did these though)

  • 1st June - Monday
    Tourist course - Challenge 9
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Is this ap out somewhere? I’ve searched for it but didn’t find it but I’d love to download it.

Don’t ask why … it’s a secret… :wink: :slight_smile:

How do I access the old tourist course?

I can’t find it any more.

Here it is:

There’s no direct link at the moment. You just have to know (or guess)


I’m still testing to it. Testing it rather less than I have been since I ran out of lessons. (hint, hint @aran)

We are looking at a beta release in the near future, although I wouldn’t like it to derail your Welsh progress!

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I will start spanihs (OK secret revealed) so if you want (and if I’m allowed of course) I can test ti for you.

I’ll do some research on me and my abilities of learning languages and I intend to start Spanish anyway. Will tell you later what exactly the research is and how it goes with learning but this will not derail my Welsh progress in any way. I intend to keep on going. New material for me today on both sides - Spanish and Welsh. :slight_smile:

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Research started and ended prety soon. I wanted to see if there’s lack of my ability to learn languages what causes me troubles or is it just that Cymraeg is really tough to learn. That was my aim of research and after just 2 lessons of Spanish I know it all. Forget about testing app @theblacksparrow because I will end the process of learning Spanish as fast as I’ve started it. I’ve learnt a bit of Spanish once upon a time but this doesn’t help me in any way. The finding of “research” is that my abilities of learning languages are VERY!!! limited. After 1st Challenge done with magnificent 60 % there comes the second one with only 11 % despite there’s constant repetition of the words and sentences however I couldn’t remember even what was said a minute ago. And that’s all what I’ll say.

So … goodbye Spanish! I’ll just have to focus on Cymraeg if I want to at least understand it a bit and leave Spanish for one another life … Research closed. However I’m highly disappointe upon myself…

When I first started the Spanish lessons, having done the Welsh lessons to death, I was struck by how I couldn’t distinguish the words and I became quite frustrated by how hard it was. The same happened when I tried the Dutch lessons.

Once I got an “ear” for the different sounds it got a lot easier.

Could this be what happened to you?

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Not entirely. I’ve learnt Spanish once before and could pull quite some things and that’s why I’m frustrated now. Not even a bit of knowledge Ionce gained came to aid to me and structures in Challenge 2 are repeated through whole course over and over again but I didn’t remember a bit . Once said, the next second forgotten.

Strangly enough Cymraeg words came to my mind but that was probably basically because the English phrases are the same at both beginning of the Challenges.

Leave it for now, Tatjana - you’ve got a tough enough emotional journey with the Welsh. But when you get to the stage where you have to admit you can speak Welsh, we can look at the Spanish again (because I already know it’s not a neurological problem, so I have no doubt whatsoever - we’ll be able to get you through Spanish as successfully as Welsh) :sunny: