Spanish level 1, challenge 11

Hola, I got a little confused after the first few phrases in challenge 11.

The phrase was “He still wants to improve.”

I wanted to say “Èl todavía quiere mejorar”, but they said “Èl aún quiere mejorar”.

Now, I thought “aún” meant “yet”.

Have I missed something from a previous challenge, or can someone shed some light on this please?

Thank you.


Hi Tomas,

According to the RAE dictionary, todavia and aún are indeed interchangable and that is how I use them in everyday life. Todavia is a bit less formal than aún and more common in spoken Spanish. On the other hand aun (no accent) means even:

I would give you 100 pounds and 200 even!
Te daria 200 libras y aun 200!

Hope this helps!


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Your response was fine, Tom - in an ideal world, we’d have managed to be entirely consistent - so our bad - but at the same time, it’s not all bad for you to get occasional bits of exposure to patterns you’ll run into in the wild… :sunny: