Spanish Learning Societies/Groups

Is there a thread showing the location and meeting times/dates of Spanish societies in the UK? Other than trawling Facebook I can’t seem to find somewhere that ties them all together.

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Good question! I’ll see what I can find out.

So far, the only group I’m aware of is the Cardiff Spanish Conversation group that used to meet in Chapter on Thursday evenings, but have been meeting on Zoom during the pandemic. You can find them in Facebook and the organiser is Peter Bradley.

A quick Google has found this group in Meetup:

Easy Spanish Conversation (Richmond, United Kingdom) | Meetup

Another opportunity to practise is to use Language Exchange groups. With those you find a partner who is a native speaker of Spanish but is learning English. You agree to speak in Spanish for half the conversation, and in English for the other half. It works well.

Here are a couple:

Thanks Deborah, I’ll take a look at this