Spanish forum

Just a quick one to ask if there will be a forum similar to this on the Spanish page? Or is there already and in my usual bungling have completely missed it?

Diolch / Gracias


Forgot to say well done on the new site by the way! I was going to say “lo me gusta” but I don’t think that works, felly wi’n ei hoffi e!

Getting a bit carried away as I realise there’s probably 101 things above it on the to do list but since there’s the bginnings of the Welsh course for Spanish speakers and vice versa it would be good to have a forum Spanish/Welsh where the native speakers of both languages could question each other and discuss.
Just an idea!

Very close! ‘Me lo gusta’ and you’re there…:slight_smile:

And yes, there will be a forum for the Spanish courses - in the very near future - we’ve got a new Level 1 coming out in the near future (next four weeks or so) and will probably roll the forum out before then…:slight_smile:

diolch Aran! I don’t know how you manage to prioririse everything! you’re doing so much good stuff in so many different areas there can’t be enough hours in the day.
look forward to the new Spaniah course!

llongyfarchiadau ar y holl waith gwych ac arloesol hyd yn hyn phob dyminad da ar gyfer gweddill eich taith.

Diolch o galon i ti, Dai! Mostly now I just throw everything at Ifan and then ask him why it isn’t finished yet…:wink: