Spanish Automagic problem

Hola, I’ve reached the point that would be lesson 13 in old money and have come across a problem … I’ve had 5 new words introduced to me (“I met - conocí.”, “Someone - alguien.”, “Night - noche.”, “Last night - anoche.” and " …who knows - que conoce.") and each time there has been no opportunity to practise these in sentences, the course just goes on to repeating already well used phrases. I’m reluctant to carry on until this is resolved for fear of falling behind as there is no way with Automagic to actually go back.

Muchas gracias.

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I’ve flagged this up to the tech team


Diolch Deborah. I’ve reported on the actual Automagic feedback tab too but thought that it couldn’t harm mentioning it here too. :+1:t2::grinning:

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This is incredibly valuable feedback, diolch o galon :heart:

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Oh my! My apologies! In my haste to load the Spanish, I managed to skip over loading the Spanish language practice sentences for challenges 13 and 14. They are being loaded in as we speak, so should be available in a couple of hours (that’s an overestimate, but there are quite a lot of bits to load, so I’m not sure exactly when they’ll be available).

I’ve also reset your progress to the start of “conocí”


Superb, I’m glad it was an “easy” fix. Thank you, diolch, gracias.

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