Spanish and French

A friend who has done SSIW has now also done all that is available on here at the moment for Spanish. She is wondering if anyone can suggest other resources she can now use to keep going e.g. learner books in the style of Nofelau Nawr etc.

Also I was also wondering if anyone could suggest anything similar to SSIW for French, to help my son until it is available on here. He isn’t enjoying French at school at all, but is doing it for GCSE (had to do a language).

Diolch yn fawr

The first Michel Thomas French course is pretty good (although the ‘Advanced’ one is, in my opinion, almost entirely unusable). We should have more Spanish stuff available in the not-too-distant future…:smile:

That’s great Aran, thank you. :slight_smile:

Last year I looked for Nofelau Nawr -type readers in Spanish. To my shock I couldn’t find anything, even though here in the US there are huge numbers of Soanish learners. I figure I must have missed something, so I am eager to see if others have suggestions!

If you hunt about online you can find links to reading passages - some boring and terrible, but others not bad. I haven’t tried these, but you could see what they’re like:

Not quite the same as what you’re asking for, but is brilliant. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Dee and Kinetic. I will pass these suggestions on to my friend. :slight_smile: