Spam messages?

Has anyone received a suspicious message which looks like spam? Could it be that someone is sending messages via say something trying to fishing for personal info?

Yes, I got one too through my FfrinDiaith account. It was written with a lot of spelling and grammar errors and mentioned nothing about learning or speaking Welsh. I looked for the author on the database and they didn’t show up at all.

Sounds just like mine from “Anita Zamba”

I thought Anita sounded really nice - I might send her my phone number…

(Joke! Yes, it’s spam.)

Thank you very much to those of you who contacted us about this - Anita’s account has been deleted and her email blocked - if anyone gets any other spam messages, please include the user name (in this thread would be as good a place as any!) and we’ll get them deleted too… :sunny:

Included this thread in the “useful” list