Spaced/Interleaved Revision

It has taken starting the Spanish Level 1 for me to really appreciate the skill with which these courses are put together. As a veteran of both the old and new Welsh courses, I had enough Welsh in me that I cannot say the revision elements really stood out for me (they were they of course, but I knew enough of the language to not recognise them I guess). But in tackling Spanish, they have become so much more obvious and so appreciated. Thank you Aran for devising such a clever and effective course structure - the result of a lot of hard work and research I know! For someone like me who a few years ago was convinced that they could never learn a language, to now be on their second new tongue, is a real testament to the effectiveness of the SaySomethingIn method. Outstanding stuff.




Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti, Stu!.. :sunny: :star: :star2:

It really is hugely, hugely inspiring to see people becoming polyglots when they used to think they couldn’t ‘do’ languages… :sunny: :fireworks:

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I only wish that the message could get out to a wider audience Aran… :sunny:

We’ll keep on trying to figure it out! :sunny:

Speaking of which - would you mind if we posted that summary from you on social media?.. :sunny:

Of course Aran, no need to ask!


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