Southern Challenges

I’m loving the new challenges, I seem to be finding them easier to learn with although it helps that I’ve found a good opportunity to do the lessons and my player stops when I get out the car and starts again when I get back in.

I was wondering though if someone could write the welsh and give me a phonetic guide to
I’ve just started (I’ve newly started)
There was something else but I’ve forgotten what it was

I was telling someone who knew a little Welsh what I had been learning and they said they would have put newly after started rather than before?

Currently doing challenge four although have listened to start of five

Shwmae Theresa
The Welsh for ‘I’ve just started’ is
"Dw i newydd ddechrau"
(DWEE NEW-ivv VEKH-reh) (or close enough!)

If you were to put this as your friend suggested, it would roughly translate as “I’m starting new”, so the way you are taught in the lesson will be the way you’ll be most understood in a conversation.

Thanks Gavin!

You know the amazing thing? People stress about the differences between v and the two th sounds, but I can genuinely say that I haven’t noticed Gaving getting words like “newydd” or “ddechrau” wrong in speech, decpite a full week of bootcamp. But in fact, the dd of newydd and dd of ddechrau are both voiced th sounds - the “th” of the or there.

As Gavin says - or close enough, and that certainly is close enough. Remember to keep to the Welsh vowel sounds that you hear, and not try to produce the English vowel sounds in Welsh words, particulatrly with the new of newydd.