Southern Challenge Level 1 Contents

Is there a contents page for the Southern Challenge Level 1 course? Not been able to find one and would appreciate some insight on some of the rather tough phrases in Challenge 14. Thought I was doing pretty well with this but would appreciate some help with the word order and the exact phrasing of ‘he said that he…’ etc.

Also battling to figure out where some of the softenings are occurring in this challenge.

Sorry if there is a section for this already, but couldn’t find it.

Try this: Level 1 Southern Course Guide

I’m using the beta version of the new website, so if this link doesn’t work for you, let me know. I can switch back to the other version and try again if necessary.

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Here’s the topic for this matter We discussed things about notes on South Level 1 guide there so you might want to put the question there instead.



Good point @AnnaC. The link works perfectly fine, I’ve tested it. The link itself (at least I think so) has nothing to do with beta design as it’s standalone thing and it opens PDF file provided directly from the wherever it is put on.

@tatjana Thanks for testing that - I’m glad to know it worked for you. Have a great time on your holidays!

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Awesome. Much appreciated.


Hi, I am having trouble opening the link to the pdf for the Level 1 Southern course guide. My system is ok as far as I can tell, but after a strange message that doesn’t exactly say there’s a problem (“FoxitPhantomPDFBrowserAx” & “!”) - I dismiss this then nothing happens. Ideas please? (I’ve tried pasting the link on a new window, same thing.) Paul

I’m not sure, but I believe you might have problem with browser PDF plugin because (by my experience) if you don’t save guide to your computer it opens in a browser.

Hi. You may be right… just converted to Windows 10 trying online for help, but I’m not sure how to do what I’ve found… Interestingly, though, my Android mobile can’t open it either. Thanks, Paul

Would you believe it, coincidence - I’ve just had an official update arrive - clearly it is/was a big issue with Windows 10. PDF now opened ok, one happy learner here. Dioch yn fawr.


Thanks very much indeed for keeping us posted on this, Paul - it’ll help us help others, too :sunny:

I have the Southern version, thanks to everyone.
It seems the format is different to the Northern version which has more examples which I find really helpful.
Any thoughts?