Southern bootcamp

I realize it may be too early for this, but I’m wondering if any decisions have been made about the next Southern bootcamp. I am in a situation that requires me to plan ahead with regard to airline tickets. I will be flying from New York. Aran’s awesome new book has touched a nerve, and there aren’t a whole lot of chances to speak Welsh here in the US.

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There’s been a straw poll of how many people would be likely to come to a Southern bootcamp in April 2017 here: Bootcamp 2017 - who’s coming to Tresaith in April (one space re-available)?

That’s very kind of you - delighted you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Iestyn has got a fair bit of juggling ahead of him next year, and he’s put a bit too much pressure on himself in the past by trying to commit up front to lots of Bootcamps - so after a bit of discussion, he’s going to be testing the water for particular months, and then going ahead with the organisational work when it’s clear that there’s enough interest.

As Philip said, he’s been testing the water for the week starting April 15th - it’s all a bit hectic over Christmas now, but I would imagine that booking for the April bootcamp will open about a week or so into January - and then Iestyn will move straight on to see if there’s enough interest for a May bootcamp…:slight_smile:

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