South Wales Echo

Pnawn da bawb!

Aran and I are just on our way home from Cardiff, having taken the children to their first, big, rock concert, seeing the Manic Street Preachers at the castle. It was epic! :grin:

My plan this morning before leaving was to buy a couple of copies of the South Wales Echo, featuring an article on the gig, for the kids to keep. But completely forgot! I was wondering if anyone out there could very kindly get me a couple of copies to put in the post? I would of course reimburse you for the papers and the postage. Diolch! XxxX

Do you still need them? If so how many?

It was a great gig!

Wasn’t it absolutely amazing! Where abouts were you?

Two would be fabulous! Thank you so much! :grin:

We hung back by the sound stage. My mosh pit days are long behind me!

I’ve been to five shops and only managed to get one! I’ve asked my wife to see if she can pick one up. Sorry!!

Is there a PM function? Send me your address and I’ll definitely get one and hopefully two to you (don’t worry about postage - put in to the tea fund for a bwt camp).

You are an absolute star, diolch o waelod calon! I must admit we did get quite close to the front, but moved to the side with the kids as things got more lively. We were down wind of the ticker tape and streamers explosion - it was epic! Will pm you now. X

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Croeso. The wife is home with the last copy in canolfan Caerdydd it seems. Two copies of the paper will be in the post tomorrow. :grinning:

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Ah gwych! Diolch to your wife, I’m so grateful!