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Can someone please help me in very simple terms ? I have attempted to open a Soundcloud account but failed miserably… I downloaded the app but all that gives me is access to music.

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These threads should help -

But do come back and ask again if you’re still having problems after looking through these.

I must be doing something wrong! When I go to there’s no 'create an account ’ etc Nothing but music

Are you accessing an app or accessing soundcloud on the web? I think that might make a difference, although I’m not familiar with it in app form. I think Aran’s instructions and screenshots relate to the web version.
I’m going to tag @rich here because I think he’s pretty good at answering app stuff, so he might know if there’s a difference.

I’ve tried both!!! As you might guess I’m not very clever with technology!!

Nor me, to be honest - it’s a bit of a steep learning curve every time something new pops up! (which is why I still run away from apps!). But there are people here who seem to have the knack, and I’m sure one of those will be along at some point to help :slight_smile:

I thought that SSiW was working on a recording system of its own @jackie-poley @siaronjames - sure I’ve seen advice on Slack not to worry about Soundcloud at the moment, but to wait for the new system - @Deborah, can you help clarify please?

Hi @jackie-poley

There is an orange button towards the right on a browser (image 1 below) and when you run the App having installed it, it offers you the option to create (image 2).

Rich :slight_smile:

Thanks Rich!

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Thanks everyone! But I’m still not there! Loaded the app. Created account. But when I go to Soundcloud all I have are various types of music & I can’t see where to go!! Sorry to be so dumb!!

Thanks everyone! Very grateful but still not there! Loaded app. Created account but then couldn’t find where to go!!

It’s quite well hidden. I can only speak for Android devices but here’s where it lives for me.

If you open the Soundcloud app, you should see a black bar across the bottom. One of the icons in that black bar looks a bit like a row of books with one falling over slightly. Press that.

That should take you to a different screen. In the top right hand corner there should be a circle with a generic silhouette of a person in it. Press that.

On the next screen, you should see a list of options. One says ‘record’.

One more note, actually. I ran into a problem where it wouldn’t let me save my recordings. After a lot of investigation it turned out to be because you need to verify your Soundcloud account first. So if you haven’t already, look for a verification email from Soundcloud in your email inbox (or possibly your junk/spam folder).

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Thanks so much, Alan! That worked! I had to record 1 Welsh word. I clicked on Record & said my word but nothing to indicate whether it has recorded. Is that normal?

As far as I remember, it should give you an option to save once you stop recording. If it’s not giving you that option then you might have the verification issue I mentioned above.

Still haven’t solved this. Had dealt with verification email. There’s no ‘Save’ button . Think I’ll have to give up!!

I’ve had all the same problems with the exception of not being able to find any way to “record” on my iPhone with SoundCloud. I have followed every piece of advice offered but alas nothing has worked. I have given up!

Hi @sara-dumont and @jackie-poley

I think there is very shortly going to be a better technical solution because of the sound cloud difficulties - see here - so the advice is to ‘hang fire’ for now I think.

Rich :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll hang on! It’s not urgent

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When I’ve used Soundcloud I’ve always recorded on something else - eg. laptop voice recorder - and then transferred recording to Soundcloud, if that’s any help @sara-dumont