Sound quality - course 1, session 7 onwards

I started SSIW a few weeks back and have really enjoyed it. I’ve just started session 7 and found the sound quality has suddenly gone downhill somewhat. The music at the start is fine but the speaking is tinny and sounds like its from the bottom of a barrel. This seems to be the case for the rest of course 1. Is there anything I can do about this? or is it just the way it is? Idiot proof answers only please :smile:

That’s just the way it is. I believe 1-6b were rerecorded, so sounded like 7-x originally (I probably still have those files somewhere).

Either ignore it (you stop noticing) or switch to the new Level 1.

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Northern or southern, Andy?

But I’d be inclined to go with Dave’s suggestion to switch to the Levels, which I think are generally a lot better… :sunny:

Southern are like this but since I’ve read somewhere how the recordings were made at the beginning I just tend to ignore those things. It’s still perfectly “hearable” so there shouldn’t be too big problem to learn through them anyway. Also such sound (which is really kind of not too good) only goes through 2 or 3 lessons then on the sound is still a bit better.

Levels are of much better sound quality though but they’re also qute different way of learning regarding structures you tend to learn etc … I can’t “preach” what is better because it’s all equal difficult or easy to learn (depends of the material presented in lesson/challenge).


Thanks for the info chaps - at least I haven’t done anything wrong with the downloads :smile: As I’m based in Swansea and there seems to be more “south” material in the courses I’ll persist with these for the time being and then maybe transition to the levels some time in the future.
Thanks again :smile:

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