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Help! As part of my Welsh challenge I have to record a sentence on sound cloud. However, I have down loaded the app onto my iPad but don’t seem to have the facility to record. I must admit I am in the slow tech group as far as things like this are concerned! But does anyone have an idiots guide of how to do this. I have been struggling with this foe a while😬

I read in another post earlier this morning that people are using Audacity to make the recording and then uploading it to SoundCloud. Pob lwc! Good luck! :grinning::+1:

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I don’t have an iPad, so can’t advise there, but you may find an answer in this thread:
How to set up an account in SoundCloud

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On my (Android) phone, you click on the little menu icon at.the bottom ( the three horizontal lines) and that takes you to a screen which has an option to ‘record’. Worked well for me, especially as I could then upload it directly to SoundCloud and then pick up the link to put on the forum. All from my phone.

You don’t have to make the recording public.on SoundCloud unless you want to.

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Diolch yn fawr Catriona👏

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Diolch siaronjames

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Diolch Sasha!


Hi Ariana

I’m having the same problem. I managed to download Sound Cloud on to my phone, but I find that I have to use the Google recorder to record what I want to say and then download it and then download it to Sound Cloud. I can’t work out either how to record it directly to Sound Cloud OR upload it straight from the recording.
I get very frustrated with it and am absolutely convinced that no-one from SSiW will be able to find it anyway! I keep wondering if there is some way of doing it directly through the Forum and I’ve been going about it in completely the wrong way…I don’t see how it links to the Forum the way I’m doing it, but, like you say, I’m completely unused to all of this. Only just sorted out Zoom!!!
Also, in this week’s email - Aran says something about Clyp - not sure what he’s referring to. Ah well, we know we’ve done it. :wink:

Bore da. I have Soundcloud on my iPad. I had to record using the Voice Memo recorder app. Once you’ve recorded your word/sentence you need to save the file on your iPad. Then go into SoundCloud and on the top right of the screen you’ll see an ‘upload’ symbol (next to the bell), click on that, search for your saved file then upload. Hope this helps.

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Bore da! Yes, I think you’re doing the same thing on the ipad that I’m doing on my phone, basically, so I feel a bit happier now. Perhaps I’ll go into Soundcloud and see if I can find yours.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I am having similar problems. I have downloaded both soundcloud and Clypit on my iPad. Now thanks to Philip have managed to record on voice memo but how do I save it to a file so that I can then search for it to upload. Sorry to be so dim

Forget previous message. I have now found the icon for saving it.

There is a step-by-step guide for iPhone and iPad on the post below:

[Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread]

Alternatively if you are using a PC there is a step by step guide in this post here: