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Hello, I am new to the forum, currently ploughing through Course 2 (lesson 8 this morning), and have a question that might be of interest to others: can anyone recommend some reading material that might add to our general education in Welsh? I am thinking of on-line magazine articles and even short story books that would suit newcomers to the language? I am at the moment based in Victoria, British Columbia, and an on-line source and recommendations would be most welcome!

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I’m sure @tatjana will soon see this and link you to the most useful thread.
Croeso a mwynhau - welcome and enjoy.

Cheers J.P.

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In this post you can find a lot of useful stuff including reading recommendations.

Thank you for allerting me to this thread @ramblingjohn.

Croeso yma @benn093. However I see you’re not so very new to this forum though. It’s just nice to see that you’ve finally decided to post something. :slight_smile:


Finally ashore after a long sea voyage!

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