Something a bit different

It was Pride Cymru this weekend, and the Welsh cabaret act Cabarella was performing on the community stage. The set was live-streamed on YouTube, and is still available to view here:

Now, it’s live and so it’s messy and there are a few mistakes, and obviously no subtitles - but I love Cabarella and wanted to share it.

Lots of bad language and sexual references, so one to avoid if you don’t like that sort of thing!

But definitely worth watching is from about 48 minutes, where Hywel Pitts sings a song he “wrote in Welsh and put through Google Translate”. So the Welsh title is “Ti’n yn llygad dy le”, and the chorus is “You’re in the eye of your place” … you get the idea. Could be fun to watch and see if you can work out what the original Welsh idioms are?


Just watched Hywel Pitts’ song - it’s hilarious! But also strange how much of it makes sense although, literally translated. Brilliant!


But probably makes no sense whatsoever if you don’t know any Welsh!! So clever, and so funny!

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