Some London events

There are a few London events coming up that I’m planning to go to, and if any London SSIWers wanted to meet it would be great to see you!

First on November 3rd I am going to see Calan at the Slaughtered Lamb. They are a Welsh band and @Deborah-SSi tells me they are fabulous live

On November 5th there is a walking tour of Welsh London sites as part of the London Welsh Centre 80th birthday weekend. There are only four tickets left at the moment so if you fancy it book soon. Not sure if the guided walk is in Cymraeg but there is also a panad a sgwrs afterwards at the centre from 4.

Finally I haven’t booked yet but I’m considering doing the one day course at the centre on the 25th November.

If anyone in or around London has other suggestions for things to do let me know, I am suffering Bootcamp withdrawl and need to get speaking again soon!


I’m sure you want be disappointed. It should be a very lively night! Well worth going along to … if there are any tickets left!

I’m in London at the moment, but will only be here until the 25th of Oct I’m afraid, so won’t be around for those unfortunately! If there’s anything going on before that though, I’d be interested - or, we could arrange an impromptu get-together… it’s possible that some other nearby SSiWers might be free over the next 12 days :slight_smile:


@Deborah-SSi is right. Calan is/are fantastic! They did an impromptu gig st Bristol airport this week when their flight to Costa del Folk in Portugal was cancelled. And then they did the gig they were going to do there on Queen Street in Cardiff instead. Utterly professional. Amazingly good. Passionately Cymraeg. And Patrick’s mum makes cheese.

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That would be great - I’ve been meaning to go along to the Welsh centre on a Thursday eve as the website says there’s a cylch siarad - any good for you?

Otherwise next week is half term and I’m a bit more tied up but could do something this Friday in the day or possibly Monday evening (23rd)

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There is so much going on in London
HYDREF 21ain October 21t Rock Messiah
Perfformiad o “Teilwng Yw’r Oen”, addasiad roc o’r Meseia, Handel am 7:30. Tocynnau yn £15 ar gael oddi wrth swyddfa Theatr Felinfach: 01570 470697.
Eglwys Gymraeg Canol Llundain Eastcastle Street Welsh Chapel ( near Oxford St tube)
​ HYDREF 25ed Cymmordorion Society Wales and China, 6.30 Historical Medical Research
Cyngerdd gyda Chantorion Gogledd Cymru a’r unawdwyr Robert Lewis (Tenor) a James Edwards (Baritôn). Tocynnau yn £15 ar gael oddi wrth neu wrth y drws.
Eglwys Gymraeg Canol Llundain Eastcastle Street.

Bilingual Services at 11 and 6 at Eglwys Gymraeg Canol Llundain, Eastcastle Street. ( nr Oxford Circus)
And Welsh services every Sunday Morning at St Benets, Jewin, Ealing, Harrow and Clapham Junction
Cylch Siarad every Thursday evening from 7.30 at the London Welsh centre Grays Inn Road


Hi London people! This is my first time using the forum and just want to say I’d be very happy to meet up with fellow ssiw users in London and come to some of these events mentioned. I live fairly central and am on Challenge 20 of Level 1 so am sure I’m quite behind most of you but would love the chance to meet Welsh speakers and practice the few conversation skills I have got if people are interested? KateM, is the conversation at the London Welsh centre only for experienced speakers?


I haven’t been yet but it is advertised as all levels. I can’t go this week or next (parent’s eve and half term) so will probably go for the first time for the panad a sgwrs after the walk mentioned in my first post, so come along if you’re free! And/or I’ll post here again when I know when I can get to the Thursday meetup.

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Welcome to the forum, Sean… :slight_smile:

Thanks, KateM, I will try to make it down :slight_smile:

Hi Aran, nice to be here and thanks to all of you at ssiw for creating such a great learning platform :slight_smile: I wanted to ask you if there is a thread or topic related to finding a skype partner for conversation practice? I’m just at the end of Level 1 so no expert but would love to practice with a person regularly.

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Thanks for your kind words… :slight_smile:

And great that you’re ready to jump into live practice - nothing matters more.

We did have a ‘finding partners’ thread at one point, I think, but it’s been drowned in other ‘Skype’ threads - at least, I can’t find it right now - so it seems as though the general practice now is to start your own, with Skype in the title - or to look for a match by clicking on the magnifying glass up there in the top right and sticking ‘Skype’ in… :slight_smile:

Will do, thank you!

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Hi Sean
Welcome to the forum. My life is a bit hectic at the moment so I can’t offer to Skype but it might be worth having a look at the amikumu app that @Deborah-SSi mentioned in another thread. Just a thought. Best wishes for your learning.


Thanks, Sharon. Will sign up now!

If anyone has a spare £130 and fancies celebrating St David’s Day in style …

St David’s Day in London

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Or, slightly more affordable, cawl, singing, beer and dancing at the London Welsh Centre for £5

I’ll be there from 8.30. In fact I am there every Thursday, I have joined the weekly lessons and usually stay on for the Cylch Siarad in the bar afterwards (open to all to practice Welsh).

There is also another guided walk (in English) on the 24th Feb (the last one was very interesting), and a Welsh Emporium on the 3rd. Further ahead, there’s a gin tasting and a gig from the wonderful Calan.


Hi Kate, thanks for the heads up on the London welsh centre event. Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but how do you find the lessons there? Am o right in thinking they only start in September?

This sounds just wonderful! I hope you all have a fabulous time! :slight_smile:

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Hi Martin

I joined level 3 (out of 4) in January and only paid for the two remaining terms so I think they are pretty flexible. At our level it’s mainly about prompting conversation with only a bit of grammar thrown in. We are also reading a book. There’s not much writing involved, just the option to write something for the homework. I don’t know what level you’re at or whether the earlier courses are a bit more structured and/or harder to join part way through. You could drop them a line, they are very helpful and offered me the chance to sit in on a lesson before signing up. Or if you want to message me your email I can send you an example of the lesson sheet we get each week.

I enjoy the lessons but to be honest the reason I signed up was to give me a reason to go each week for the conversation as it’s a bit of a trek from my side of London. By the time I get back tonight I will have spent over four hours travelling back and forth (first to work and to the lesson). But it’s worth it and gives me a chance to listen to lots of Radio Cymru!