Solid Approach for Spreading Welsh?

S’mae. Perhaps the following would be a good way to get the Welsh language out to even more people:

? Is there enough content among folks here, among sources near here or out there :alien:, to service beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels? I’ve emailed some Cymraegers and Gymraegers :grin: elsewhere also.

I’m looking at using LingQ to learn German from scratch; got wondering about Welsh there, would love to see it expand its reach. I’ve also just started involving LingQ to improve my burgeoningish Italiano :laughing:, after I had already tried Busuu, with mixed feelings and results, and I’ve been loving it. Especially on the LQ app.

I know that LingQ’s Steve Kaufman recommends absorbing a language first through listening, reading, or both simultaneously, not worrying about grammar, phrases, or lists; then trusting oneself to speak it effectively post a few months o’ that. He’s become fluent in seven languages over ten years that way. But the site also offers other options, which he doesn’t recommend himself, because different people have taken varied approaches toward learning languages successfully. There’s more than one way to translate -a cat-. :sweat_smile: Steve gets that, acknowledges it, and the site thankfully shows it.

For those who want to focus on speaking first, LingQ could still be a great way to tackle other Welsh skills later such as reading, writing, etc. Getting Welsh onto LingQ could be huge for this language.

Your thoughts?



Diolch @Deborah-SSi


We often get people asking about other material to supplement their Welsh learning with us, especially when they get beyond the basics and want to extend into reading and writing, or to enhance their vocabulary.

This is an interesting suggestion and would be a great project for a group of enthusiastic new Welsh speakers.

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