[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party

Prynhawn da bawb!

I have an exciting announcement for you!

We have a date and location for SSiW’s big 10th birthday party celebrations!!! We have just had a very exciting meeting with the venue and it’s shaping up to be a truly memorable event!

Booking link:

Dates - The celebrations will begin on the evening of Friday the 31st of May 2019 and end on the afternoon of Sunday the 2nd of June 2019.

Location - The celebrations will take place in Caernarfon and mainly in the Galeri.

What’s happening -

  • The first evening on Friday the 31st of May will be an informal and fun gig and hog roast evening at the Galeri. We are in the process of confirming with various, much loved Welsh artists and will let you know as soon as we have their confirmations. The hog roast will be supplied by a local company and will have the focus on local produce as well as having options for vegetarians. We have chosen artists which will hopefully appeal to all ages. Ticket holders will be supplied with wrisbands and the venue will be providing adequate security for our own privacy.

  • The first full day on Saturday the 1st of June will offer a variety of activities in and around Caernarfon - details to follow.

  • The second evening on Saturday the 1st of June will be the main formal SSiW 10th birthday party (smart dress - formal dress optional (Aran will be in a dickie bow!)). The party will take place in the main theatre at the Galeri. Guests will be able to register on arrival and obtain their name badges. During the first half hour meet and greet session in the bar area, there will be a Welsh themed welcome drink for all with live background music from a local harpist. The party will be a cabaret style evening (large round tables - 10 to each table but no formal seating arrangements) in a dramatic setting. There will be a gourmet hot and cold buffet, celebrating local produce which will have choices for vegetarians and vegans. The evening will contain an awards ceremony, guest speakers and one or two surprises.

  • The second day, Sunday the 2nd of June will give guests the opportunity to come together and socialise once more before departing - details to follow.

How do you get involved? - Tickets will be available for the whole weekend and will be priced at £50 per head. The ticket purchase page will be opened within the next two weeks and will allow you to reserve your place for a (non-refundable) £25 deposit. There will be a date on the booking page noting the final complete payment date. Please note there will be 120 places available - so first come first served.

We will provide you with comprehensive links to recommended accommodation sites, reliable travel links and parking information.

We are all VERY excited here at HQ. We are pulling out all the stops for this event and can guarantee you that it will be spectacularly special.

Accommodation links -

Almost immediately next door to the Galeri there’s a Premiere Inn and a Travelodge. Then about 1/2 blocks down is the posher and rather more expensive Celtic Royal hotel.

Caernarfon Premiere Inn

Caernarfon Travelodge

Celtic Royal Hotel

Caernarfon is also packed with guest houses, B&Bs and hotels - something to suit all tastes and budgets. -

The Menai Bank

The Castle Hotel

Bron Menai

Caer Menai



Or if you fancy staying in a 16th century inn -

Y Bachgen Du

Here’s some additional info on the location -

Caernarfon has fabulous bus links and Bangor Train station is just 20 minutes away.

Caernarfon is a beautiful waterside town with so much interesting history. You’ll be able to roam it’s narrow streets within the castle walls, enjoy it’s magnificent castle, ancient roman remains and a stunning waterside walk looking out over Anglesey. This vibrant town is packed full of Welsh, locally run shops, from galleries to bookshops, delis to craft shops. Along it’s varied streets you will find artisan chocolate shops, gift shops, local hand made and award winning jewellery, ice cream parlours, a Dutch pancake cafe, Welsh bars, Welsh restaurants and so much more. The town boasts the smallest bar in Wales and the waterside pub, The Anglesey, where Aran and I met for the first time on a blind date!

Here’s some additional info on the venue -

The Galeri itself is a not for profit community enterprise operating as a Development Trust and a hub of Welsh culture. It is sittuated right in the heart of Doc Fictoria/Victoria Dock and overlooks the harbour. It is a creative enterprise organising annually between 400 – 500 events, with ticket sales of over 40,000 consistently. Galeri’s artistic programme includes a range of art-forms including theatre, film, music, dance, talks, literature, exhibitions, workshops and short courses. It has a fabulous cafe bar with a wonderful atmosphere and several studios/function rooms.

The Galeri’s waterfront location in Caernarfon -

The Galeri’s main foyer and bar -

  • Definitely attending.
  • Trying to make it work.
  • Definitely can’t come.

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The booking link again:


Time to see if my best frock still fits! :grin: (and time to try and do something about it if it doesn’t! :scream:)


Oh, damn, did I say that out loud?! :wink:

We’re pulling out all the stops on this one, folks - cashing in favours earned over the years, aiming to make it an utterly unforgettable weekend. We’ve started planning a range of surprises, and no, we’re not going to tell you what they are, but they WILL surprise you…:slight_smile: We’re going to be subsidising it heavily as a company, too - the £50 will cover about 85% of what we’ve already got planned, and we’re going to be adding a lot more over the next 6 months (if I have to run a couple of extra intensive weeks to cover it all, that’s what I’ll do).

This is a celebration of YOU - so please be there… :wink:

And… does anyone fancy an accommodation-cost only northern Bootcamp for the week following? Catrin and I are willing to find and arrange accommodation, and spend the week with you as a birthday treat to ourselves, and if everyone accepts that it’s going to be wildly unorganised, I see no reason (as a one-off) why we shouldn’t find a place for everyone who wants to come, instead of restricting it to 10 - but we will need EARLY confirmation to be able to find accommodation for you.

In fact, you’ll ALL need to book accommodation for the party PRONTO - this is going to be Eisteddfod-like. Wait a couple of months, and you’ll probably be walking into Caernarfon from somewhere near Wrecsam. :slight_smile: :smiley:


A special plea: if you’re part of the SSiW community, PLEASE come to this.

We don’t want to feel that we’re missing anyone on the weekend.

We want to see you ALL there.

A huge part of this (for us) is making sure - for the first time ever - that we actually have time to talk to EVERYONE who comes - and we absolutely can’t wait!

If you’re coming from overseas, we guarantee we’ll keep a place for you on the accommodation-cost-only Bootcamp, if you’d like. :slight_smile: :heart:


Hotel booked for Friday and Saturday nights within crawling distance of “Y Galeri” :smile:


Aran will be in a dickie bow!

Nothing else?? :worried:


He’s just turned 50 so by my estimation midlife crisis is now in full flow… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am a definately maybe. As I live close to Caermarthen I’m probably just going to drive home. My husband may be coerced to come too, but probably not for everything as our dog can’t be left alone for too long.

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Accommodation booked, and I’m definitely interested in the post-party-bwtcamp :slight_smile: :cake: :champagne:

Many thanks for organising this!!!


Who on earth would need anything else?!

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Is that why it’s called a …


To people jumping straight into booking accommodation, in the cunning hope that this will give you a head-start on getting one of the places…

You’re absolutely right, it will… :slight_smile:

Confirm in this thread that you’ve booked your accommodation, and we’ll make sure you get one of the tickets… :slight_smile:


Wow!! Sounds amazing.


yup, got my accomodation sorted :grin:


Confirmed (Fri & Sat nights)


to be absolutely fair - I booked with free cancellation, so while the privileged access to a ticket is very welcome, it’s not strictly necessary … :slight_smile:


That’s very honest and also applies to me. :smile:


well continuing in the spirit of honesty… I didn’t exactly need to book my accomodation :joy:

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Given my feelings about Machynlleth, the fact that I’m planning to move house purely in order to be nearer this event should surely guarantee me a ticket? (Someone else could have my ticket for the formal event - I’m scandalised by the dickie bow conversation.)