[Sold Out] July 2017 bootcamp

Bootcamp is Sold Out

There will be a bootcamp in Tresaith from 22 - 29 July

I will be opening booking when we have enough interest shown here, so make yourselves knows. The April bootcamp sold out in a little less than 24 hours once booking was open, so make sure that you are on the list here to get notification of when the bookings will open.

All the best,



Count me in! And I know @Ben is interested too. :grin:


Thanks @Karla! I am definitely interested in coming to this!!


Great, that’s three already then!



Hi there - yes I’d be interested in this one also (in absence of June one!)

I’d love to attend a July boot camp please! I can’t. Normally make the dates because of work, but this one just falls in the school holidays so I’d love to come!

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Yes please I would like to register, thanks :slight_smile:

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OK, that’s 6 interested so far! - It’ll be great to meet you all.

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I’m definitely interested in knowing when reservations will be open! I’ll be in Wales from June 15th to sometime in August, so I’m on the lookout for as many bootcamps/classes/etc as I can afford and fit into my schedule!

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Helo a noswaith dda!

This is my first post in SSiW. I am Eckhard from Hamburg in Germany, aged 52, trying to start to learn Welsh. I’m in challenge number 9 of the first northern level.

I have read somewhere that „having completed Course 1“ is enough Welsh for the bootcamp. What puzzles me is whether „course 1“ and „level 1“ are the same. I am currently learning Level 1 from the SSiW website, and there are no such „vocabs“ as there are for the courses.

So, I am absolutely not sure (dw i ddim yn siŵr :-)) whether the boot camp in July would be suitable. I’m afraid to not understand or be able to say anything. Everybody seems to be ‚better‘ than I am.

But, nevertheless, I’d be interested to attend the bootcamp (shiver). Provided I manage to complete the first level. Would that suffice?


Hello and croeso to the forum, Eckhard!

Level 1 is a later version of the methodology - and the key vocab work for the bootcamps has been built into it, so if you’ve completed Level 1, you’re eligible for Bootcamp without any further work (although the further you can get through Level 2, the more you’ll enjoy it!).

It would be very interesting to hear what got you interested in learning Welsh… :slight_smile:

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I’m also interested!

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@eckhard. I can promise you that EVERYONE feels that EVERYONE else is better than they are at sometime or another.

And it is true. As a frequent flyer in bootcamp, though not for a while, Level 1, or Course 1 plus vocab units, is enough to get you through bootcamp. Possibly with the odd headache and “Why on earth did I sign up for this?” moment added in. I’m told the judicious addition of alcohol helps as well, but as a teetotaler I can’t swear to that part of the mixture.

So, if you are waiting for someone to tell you that you can go to bootcamp, I’m telling you that,

  • If you have completed level 1/Course 1 (you don’t need to have done it now, just by the time you get to bootcamp)

  • and can commit to only speaking Welsh for a week

  • and can live with the odd “What on earth am I doing here?” moment

you too can go to bootcamp.


Hello @eckhard and welcome to the forum first. I can relate to what you’ve written here almost in total but, being on the bootcamp last year (although with a bit more of material made but with the same wonderings) I can assure you you’ll do just fine. The main thing is to go there as you’d go on a holieay with brilliant addition of being able to speak just Welsh wherever you go and to be able to learn huge amount of language which you’ll be aware you’ve learnt only when you’ll be already home for a week or so after the bootcamp.

If at the beginning of the bootcamp you’d maybe have the terrible wish to be alowed to speak some English (which is strictly not allowed though if you want to get the most of the bootcamp) then at the end of the bootcamp you’ll have kind of “post bootcamp syndrome” because you just won’t be able to switch back to English entirely.

I even now many times am tempted to speak Welsh rather then any other language, even my own one, at some occassions.

Take bootcamp as a holicays and fun and you’ll do just fine with it. It is really as @margaretnock and @aran are saying - you’d be better to finish Level 1 until then and don’t worry about mistakes. Here at SSi making mistakes is almost as a non-written rule as you’ll learn a lot from them. You’ll forget to make one kind of mistakes and go further to another type of them but this is all a process of learning what, when you get into accordance with them, can be great fun!

Enjoy and don’t worry!


Please put me on the list!


That’s 9, maybe ten, so it definitely looks like this one will run - I always enjoy the July bootcamp!

There won’t be anything happening here nest week (it’s half term, and I’ll have too many kids here to be able to think of anything else!), but keep your eyes peeled on the following week.


Helo Iestyn a bawb.

I’d love to come. I do need to check if I can get the time off at work first!

I’ll let you know next week.



Ooo, so many replies! Thank you very much and sorry for not having answered earlier.

To @aran: Thank you very much! My wife has been in Bangor as a medical student many years ago, that’s why we payed a visit in October 2013, together with our daughter. I became curious about the language when I read the word „cwrw“ somewhere. For a German, this seems impossible to pronounce, as „w“ is spoken like the English „v“, so in English it would be „cvrv“. In the small village of Dolgellau I happened to buy two small books, „Welsh for beginners“ and „Street Welsh“. But I never managed to actually read them seriously. Only two weeks ago I came across them, got curious again and finally found SSiW. That is, basically, what got me interested in „trio dysgu Cymraeg“ (stress on „trio“).

By the way: Is it you, Aran, who speaks in the challenges? I enjoy them very much, and today I had to laugh about the way you say „dw i ddim isio dysgy mwy“ in challenge 10. Very funny indeed.

And to @margaretnock: Thank you for your encouraging words. Although, it’s not that I wouldn’t want to commit myself to only speaking Welsh, but rather that I’m afraid not to be able to. But encouragement helps, I think.

And to @tatjana: Thank you, too! Holiday is a nice imagination, you mean I’d better bring my sunglasses? What you wrote sounds like bootcamping should be worth a try.

Diolch yn fawr!


Ooo, ye … if weather manages to be sunny all the day at least for 2 or 3 days, then you should definately bring sunglasses with. But most of the time you’d actually won’t need them - haha! If you’re acustomed to sea temperatures about 15 or 20 degees C and you’re bold enough to swim in 15 degrees then you should bring your swimsuit too, otherwise you should leave it at home. :slight_smile:

All the rest is holidays … trrying to speak, speaking, going around with the group trying all sorts of things from singing to visiting interesting places … playing some games at the evening and of course! going to tafarn where you’d probably drink cwrw. Even I claiming all the time I don’t drink any alcohol (and I in fact almost don’t drink it normally), went there gladly, talking to other bootcampers and natives if occassion provided that moment, all with nice peint of cwrw of course.

Yes, @eckhard, it is holidays and it is fun and it by all means worths going.

Well, bring sunglasses with, just in case, you never know … :slight_smile:


I’m afraid you do have to put up with my voice, yes…:wink: Great to hear that you’re enjoying the hard work - well done! :slight_smile: