Software and apps in welsh

When learning spanish I used a lot of computer programs in spanish- like Word. It helped me think in the language and build vocab. What computer programs are in welsh? or social media sites offer welsh versions?- think thunderbird mail is… any others-?

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You can have Windows and Facebook in Welsh! I don’t usually use Facebook that much but now I’m constantly on it because it’s in Welsh :slight_smile:


Shw mae @chrispaul.

There’s a social media called @Clecs which is totally in Welsh and also you should only write in Welsh. It’s similar to twitter but it of course is not so crowded though. You can find Clecs here: It has an android app too and If I’m correct, IOS also.

Welcome aboard.


I did not know facebook was in welsh- I had it in spanish! diolch


There is a Welsh plug-in for Word but only for PC (I use it on the computers when I’m in at the university, but I have to use English at home as I’m on a Mac here).


And this might also be helpful:


Wow! I didn’t know that but since I don’t use Word but rather equiavlent Polaris office I’m not sure this will work on that too. However I can at least try. :slight_smile: Thank you @sarapeacock.

For all who don’t use Office, it works only on Office and if your Office is activated. it doesn’t help if it’s installed but you don’t use it.

Any other idea? :slight_smile:


It looks as if LibreOffice has a Welsh interface (I even found a question from someone in Wales who said that his installation had somehow changed to Welsh and that though he lived in Wales he didn’t speak Welsh very well and how could he switch it back to English please?).

LibreOffice is free of charge so that’s an alternative for those who would like a Welsh word processor but don’t want to pay money for Microsoft Word.

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Hi, Tatjana and All.
I’m trying out Clecs and have noticed a few SSiWers on there.
I’m not sure what I’m doing yet, so hopefully I won’t offend anyone before I get used to it :slight_smile:

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I saw you. You liked one of my pictures … (Hmmm it was me in my RWC England 2015 Welsh shirt) :slight_smile: So you’re doing just fine I think.

Yes there are bunch of SSiWers on and this is quite a releaving point to me (well it was until I couldn’t write more confidently). :slight_smile: Foolowing you. :slight_smile:

Oh, and to all the rest: What I’m searching for at the moment is spellchecker really which would work on PC in whatever Word(like) program you use. Does anything like this exist at all?

There are checkers on line, but there might be a cost. Depending on the version you have, MS word might have its own spell checker, so does Facebook. Or for single words you could just carry out a search. If you mean in Welsh, that could be more tricky, I’m not sure if Welsh “keyboard” language is available. Other suggestions are dictionaries or translators.

Edit: Ah, sorry. I notice that I’m repeating some stuff from previous replies, and that you are using Polaris. In that case, I’d be tempted to use anything with a built in checker and then copy and paste.

Well, I usually help myself with Google translate but if you type fast as I do and as you think rather then translating then a proper spell checker which marks wrong word immediately would be much more handy as you can correct it while you type. You’d notice that I’m switching letters quite too often even when typing in English and only afterwards (not always) I notice the mistake so it would come super-handy to me to have.

Now off to cook some coffee! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think I’ve heard of a program for a PC that will do a spellcheck inside all other programs (i.e. wherever one types text) – only standalone ones where you’d type text into the spellchecker’s window, or ones that are integrated into a wordprocessor etc.

(On the topic of LibreOffice, there appears to be a Welsh spelling check extension, , but that page says that the extension is old and may no longer work with current LO versions.)

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Well, there was a time when you could get (only) spellcheckers for languages such as German, Italian or so for Word, but as I said Idon’t use Word (or Office for that matter) anymore. I used to have and installed German spellchecker that way and it worked perfectly fine but this little aid I’ve lost somewhere in the mess of buying new laptops/PCs during the years and it’s also the question if it would work nowdays at all.

So I expected something like this could exist for Welsh also. Word does its job regarding spellchecking just fine with (let’s say English or Slovene) but language pack itself includes too many functions/things I don’t need at all and it works only with Microsoft products. Maybe I should check your link anyway. Sometimes things are a bit compatible and interchangable.

On the software topic in Welsh @chrispaul: if you ever used Ivona (now Harpo software) there’s Welsh voices available for both Welsh and Welsh English and in Woman and mail voice. Not to repeat myself, you can read everything about it here. I’m not sure liks still work though but it worth to try.

So, this is it for now.

Tatjana :sun_with_face:

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This may have been mentioned before and I’m sure most people will have seen this, but you can also use Cysill-ar-lein for grammar and spell checking, but you have to cut and paste though:

Note: just saw a note at the top of the page, that says: ac sy’n gweithio gyda microsoft word. Never knew it worked with word, will have to try it.

Edit, looks like you have to purchase it, to get it to work with word.


There is a website that gives you a list of apps in Welsh. I’m not sure how up-to-date it is but it was launched only about a year ago (from memory) -


The day to day stuff I have toggled into Welsh are…
Windows and Office at work
Ubuntu and Agored (office software) at home
Google and Gmail
Firefox (lots of the Mozilla site too and some other programs like Thunderbird too).
VLc (media player)

LiteratIm - Welsh predictive text / keyboard is a good site for finding more.

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I went to explore a bit and it seams prety updated to me + there’s one “Update” button under which I’d imagine th epossibility for people to suggest the updates is hidden. Didn’t try though as I don’t have anything to add just right now but if someone found something what’s not on the list there, they might try this feature and help to update the site.

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