Soar Festival Merthyr Tudful

This coming weekend sees an exciting 3-day festival taking place in Merthyr Tudful. It’s known as ‘Soar on the Street’ and starts on Friday night with an evening of entertainment by Jamie Bevan and Twmffat in The New Crown Inn.

On Saturday (16/8) there will be a musical procession through the streets ending at the New Crown Inn where there will be stands set up. SSiW has been invited to take part by sharing a stand with another group. It’s quite late notice, but I will be heading there with the SSiW popup banner, some business cards and some flyers. The stands will be in operation between 11am and 4pm. If anyone is available to come and give me a hand that would be much appreciated.

This is the link advertising the event:

Diolch o waelod calon to Dee for making the SSiW presence at this interesting festival actually happen…:seren:

Looks like I may be at a loose end on Saturday, Dee. As long as I can get over my reluctance to have someone with an New Zealand accent and another with an Estuary English accent telling good Valleys folk that they should be learning Welsh, I’ll try to engineer a trip down there.

Anyone more local fancy joining us?

telling good Valleys folk that they should be learning Welsh

But SSiW doesn’t tell anyone that they should be learning Welsh, does it? I certainly hope not! It just makes some online lessons available to anyone who feels like learning Welsh…:smile:

Ahhh come on! You know my tongue was firmly in my cheek! :slight_smile:

I thought a wink next to my smiley would look ugly…:wink:

But just making the point for any casual browsers…:smile:

It would be great to have you along Rob, and I promise not to stick my tongue out and roll my eyes too fiercely at the people approaching the stand :wink:

Iawn. Unarddeg, te?

Gwych! Wela i di ym Merthyr!

It was a great day in Merthyr today, and quite a successful one I think. It was good that SSiW had a presence there. We had a fairly steady flow of people dropping by the stand, a large percentage of them to say that they were already learning with SSiW but happy to take business cards to share around. Others came to enquire about the course as they were interested in learning Welsh, and the woman that actually tested me for the oral part of my recent Uwch exam with the Welsh for Adults course came to find out a bit more about the cost once you get beyond the free lessons as she encourages people to use it.
We had a large Google map of SSiWers from 2011 on the table so quite a few people were interested to see just where Welsh is being learnt around the world.
So if you’ve just signed onto the forum for the first time as a result of coming to the SOAR Festival today, croeso i SSiW!!

Damo! O’n ni ym Merthyr ddoe (dydd Gwener), ond aethon ni gytre ar y tren yn ystod y pnawn. Dylwn i fod wedi ymweld a’r dref dydd Sadwrn yn lle! [Damn! We were in Merthyr yesterday (Friday), but we went home during the afternoon. I should have visited the town Saturday instead!] Sori. Gallwn i fod wedi helpu gyda’r stondin. [Sorry, I could have helped with the stand].

What a shame we missed you! Here’s some news from Canolfan Soar as well:

“Come over to Canolfan Soar in Merthyr Tydfil on September 27 between 10-12 for a cuppa and a chance to chat with Welsh learners and speakers. An opportunity to meet new people from Merthyr and also to see the Soar Theatre, Siop y Ganolfan selling Welsh books and other items and Caffi Cwtsh. Everyone welcome. There is a car park as part of Canolfan Soar.”