So I joined

So I joined what now? have had a quick look around.Am confused.What are these 5 minuters?What are these levels and challenges that you all seem to be self praising on?

Welcome to the forum part of SSiW - this is where people come for support, encouragement, help or even just socialising. We have lots of members asking lots of questions as they learn Welsh, so the forum is quite large and can certainly be daunting to begin with. There is a FAQ section if you click on it in the top banner - browsing that to begin with can help.
The ‘five-minuter’ and coloured speech bubbles that some people have against their names just mean that they have completed certain tasks asked of them during the courses, and the levels and challenges are the actual lessons in the courses. If you click ‘Learn’ (also on the top banner), this will take you to the levels and challenges themselves. :slight_smile:


Hi @geoffrey-gwilym

Croeso - welcome to the forum. Have you joined one of the structured courses (eg Six month course or Six minutes a day course) or subscribed - which gives you access to all the lessons to work through yourself?

Rich :slight_smile: